Iconic rapper Drake is back to his infamous party-boy ways, according to Yahoo! Entertainment, and his recent public shenanigans at a strip club are making headlines.

The 36-year-old Canadian star who peaked in the 2010s, when he was credited with popularizing singing and R&B sensibilities in hip hop, and whose 2023 net worth is reportedly $250 Million, is no stranger to flaunting his money and fame, especially at the feet of dancers at the club. However, his recent ostentatious visit to a well-known Atlanta strip club is inciting a mixed debate online.

Yahoo! Entertainment reports that “The ‘Hotline Bling’ rapper was recently spotted at the Club Onyx in Atlanta with a massive Tupperware container filled with stacks of dollar bills. A clip of Drake’s nighttime outing was shared on X, showing the media personality retrieving the next wad of cash to rain down on exotic dancers. He was seen in what looked like the VIP section of the strip club, chatting with a mystery woman as he casually pulled out a wad.”

Fans, especially those with financial struggles, rushed to comment on the entertainer’s plastic container full of cash. One says: “There’s something about going to a strip club and just tossing money at random people that just doesn’t sit right with my bank account.”

Another envious user writes: “He pulled money out like a cold beer man….Lord, hear me out.”

As The New York Post claims that Drake brought $250,000 to the party, a third continues the lament on the rapper’s wealth, that the video might be the “wildest thing” they have ever seen.

“I would’ve cut a hole in the bottom of the table like a Scooby Doo villain,” a fourth jokes, while another user disses the outlandishly sensitive rapper for acting corny: “Every time he’s in public, he finds a way to out-corny himself. I genuinely have to applaud it,” he says.

More critics bash Drake, saying sharing his money with the exotic dancers is a waste of money.

“Instead of giving that money to charity or the homeless, something better,” they quip. while a fan begrudges Drake for not fulfilling his own promises as an artist: “So lame he can go everywhere except a scheduled concert,” The user complains. “Screw everyone that spent thousands on travel, tickets, hotels, etc., right? Postponing days before the concert is crazy and disrespectful to people that have spent so much to attend. Hoe.”

“Genuinely feel bad for this guy…this is a sad, soulless life,” another critic sighs.

“I don’t understand it,” one says, imagining what they would do with Drake’s stature: “I would rather invite the strippers to my house.”

A final civillian declares:

“I don’t know how rich people don’t feel shame at the grotesque display of wealth. Like people are homeless, can’t get health care, can’t afford to buy food, and this asshole has a bucket of cash to burn. It makes me sick.”

While fans might disapprove of the Grammy winner’s spending, that has never stopped him from showing love to dancers at the club.

In 2013, the singer was seen raining twice as much on dancers at a strip club in Charlotte, NC: reports say $50,000 in bills. The father of one appeared at the Cameo Nightclub with a likewise unassuming cardboard box “filled with money that reportedly carpeted the floor,” according to Yahoo! Entertainment.

Watch the video of Drake at Club Onyx in Atlanta here.

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