Delilah Deluxx is a fire-eating, aerial-performing, pole princess returning to the industry with better shows than before. She fell in love with featuring and being a showgirl years ago and has been obsessed since she started. “It consumed me for a while,” she says. “I plan to take this career as far as it will let me ride.” She boasts more than 10 shows ready to hit the stage and the extravagant props to match. “I can’t wait to see what stages I get to twirl on next.”

Top Credits or Accomplishments:  
EDI 2nd Runner up Newcomer 2019
Miss Exotic Midwest 2019 Entertainer of the Year
Best Overall Pole Dancer
Best Live Aerial Show
Miss Exotic South Carolina 2018 Pole Champion

ED: What do you love about the industry?
DELUXX: I love being able to express myself through performing. I love traveling the world. I love the people. I love when people love what I create. There is just so much to love.

ED: How did you get in the industry?
DELUXX: Ha! I watched Simone DanaLustrous smash men with trash cans at Nudes a Poppin for a dominatrix show and I fell in love. I mean, who wouldn’t have?

ED: What’s your favorite thing about the industry?
DELUXX: The creativity and hard work we as a whole put into our shows for each and every event we attend. Watching the shows after they are finished is my favorite. The way we all come together for each other is special.

ED: If you could be a dancer for any movie star, who would you dance for?
DELUXX: That’s a tough one. Channing Tatum is hot. “Magic Mike” it is!

ED: Favorite stripper movie? Favorite movie in general?
DELUXX: I’ll be cliché and pick “Magic Mike.” Favorite movie? I’ve really been into “Avengers” ever since “WandaVision” came out.

ED: How would you compare your entertainer self to yourself off-stage?
DELUXX: I can switch from showgirl to office girl to girl next door whenever I want. I can quite literally do it all. The only differences are taking away the sex appeal or adding to it. My stage self and feature self are the truer versions of who I am.

ED: Your favorite body part of yourself?
DELUXX: All my lady bits are amazing but my pussy is really pretty.

ED: What gets your motor purring?
DELUXX: Coffee? I also enjoy men with muscles who get me coffee.ED: What is your favorite saying?
DELUXX: It’s better to ask forgiveness than it is to ask permission.

ED: Best and worst pick-up line?
DELUXX: I’ve been barked at before so there’s that and the best one was—is there a best one? Anyone reading this now has to try and send me the best pickup lines ever. I’m all for it.

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