The organizers of Oregon’s only “Strip Club Haunted House” have created a Valentine’s Day spin-off of the trademark experience. Count Dickula’s Vampentine’s Hotel, an “immersive vampire love den,” will be open Valentine’s Day Weekend, Friday February 17 and Saturday, February 18, at Guilty Pleasures Gentlemen’s Club in Portland, Oregon.

“It’s my first time doing anything like this outside of October, but I’m really excited by the way it’s turning out so far,” DJ Dick Hennessy Hennessy tells Willamette Week, a local journal for the Portland area. “In my six years of doing the Strip Club Haunted House, I’ve always fantasized about doing a Valentine’s-themed one, as Valentine’s Day and gentlemen’s clubs go together like peanut butter and jelly.”

Since the debut of the Halloween walk-through in 2015, Hennessy’s haunted house has grown in acclaim. The theme changes every year to keep up with the expectations of the times. Last year’s theme was “R.I.P. City,” an ode to the unfortunate reputation Portland’s downtown developed during the pandemic. The upcoming event, which is vampire-themed, promises just as much sex with less scare.

“I’m very excited as we’ve been able to take the layout and theme for R.I.P. City and completely change everything instead of rehashing it as many other prominent haunts do,” Hennessy says.

The haunted house has been transformed into a hotel of sexy vampires. According to Willamette Week, “You can expect a honeymoon suite/torture chamber, the sultriest version of the Catacombs of Paris that you’ll probably ever encounter, a simulated restaurant called Chez Vampy and a gift shop, where VIP ticketholders will receive a gift courtesy of sponsor Taboo Video. There will also be a hotel bar where people can enjoy a complimentary festive Valentine’s drink from Shine Spirits.”

Count Dickula’s Vampentine’s Hotel opens Friday, Feb. 17. General admission is $15 and VIP entry is $20.

Read the original story and purchase tickets here.

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