The Washington state Senate is considering lifting its ban on alcohol sales in adult entertainment clubs in a new bill up for 2023 session.

According to My NewsWest, a local news source for Seattle, Washington, the entertainers are all for it.

“The time for a change in this industry is long overdue,” comments a Washington dancer, identified as Sharla, who testified for the change.

Another entertainer who is identified as Lexi expects that alcohol sales will actually ease her customers’ relations, rather than make them more violent.

“In clubs that don’t serve alcohol, I had to deal with more violent or aggressive customers than places that do serve alcohol,” Lexi testifies. Against the prohibition, she adds that “Criminalizing and creating more barriers around this industry only further stigmatizes what we do.”

A third entertainer, Emily believes that the new law would put Washington state on the national map for strip clubs. She also notes that dancers are expecting to pay a smaller working fee in clubs if the bill is passed.

Clubs, meanwhile, can expect an increase in customers and in ticket values, as alcohol sales would undeniably offer a new revenue source. Eric Forbes, one of the owners of Déjà Vu, comments that clubs should be just as happy as the entertainers.

“The ability to serve alcohol would increase flexibility and reduce costs for entertainers and maintaining high-quality facilities,” says Forbes. “This bill would significantly change the relationship between dancers and establishments.”

In addition to allowing for alcohol sales, the bill will mandate security training for club staff as well as “the installation of a panic button if dancers get into trouble,” according to My NewsWest. The local news source reports that the Washington bill is currently in committee.

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