Online adult fan platform and 2023 ED EXPO sponsor LoyalFans introduces itself to the gentlemen’s club industry as an imaginative and modern partner.

(Note: This story appears in the September 2023 issue of ED Magazine)


ntertainers at adult nightclubs can be found by their fans at a number of online social media platforms already, but what if there was a page just for fans to come to, one which both entertainer and club owner could benefit and profit from? LoyalFans is an online fan platform intended explicitly for all of your explicit content — whether thats R-rated or X-rated — and the 18+ content site is introducing itself as an aide to the adult nightclub scene with its 2023 EXPO sponsorship.

Of course, entertainers already profit from fan pages, because the online presence builds their following, and their tips increase. And every club owner knows that when an entertainer makes more money, they do, too; but Neil, who is one of the owners and founders of LoyalFans, has some new ideas about how strip club owners could take home more from a relationship with LoyalFans.

“It’s likely that strip club owners already have many dancers that are on some sort of fan platform, which the owners of the strip clubs are not yet benefiting from,” Neil begins. “But why can’t clubs have their own fan page with subscriptions, too?”

Neil offers for consideration that club owners could operate their own club fan pages for sharing promotions, coupons and notices of dancer lists for the evening with direct links to the dancers’ personal LoyalFans pages. A club owner can grow their club’s fan page using pictures and videos of entertainers, as well as accept subscriptions behind the secure paywall of LoyalFans. And to keep the loop of revenue between their online platform and their in-person stage flowing, a club owner can hang up QR codes to their page, or add them to their menus, so that patrons can stay engaged in the club’s events, even from home.

Assuming clubs have entertainers who aren’t yet committed to a fans page, or they’re interested in building another platform, LoyalFans offers two kinds of lifetime referral programs: one for creators and one for fans. A club that had their own LoyalFans page could refer performers, and the club owner could profit directly from a dancer’s sign-up. And then, when their dancer’s fans follow, the club owner would also profit on referrals from the fan signing up to spend money with one of their creators.

Why should adult performers choose LoyalFans?

LoyalFans began as a better option for adult performers when many other sites got cold feet. For content creators looking for a secure place for their fan content, where they will be valued for their business without the fear of judgment — or worse, a sudden loss of their platform — LoyalFans offers everything that other fan and social media platforms offer, and more.

“We’re not going to shame or shut down people for what they’re doing, effectively stopping people’s income from coming in, over politics,” Neil promises.

Unlike other, bigger platforms which blame their inability to serve content creators correctly on partnerships with banks and public partners, LoyalFans is privately-traded, built by founders with over 35 years of experience in the adult industry and completely transparent about its hosting of adult content. That LoyalFans is loyal to adult entertainers is true to its namesake.

“It’s an 80/20 split between us and the content creators, and even though that’s a considerably higher split for the creators, we’re still partners,” Neil explains. “We treat our creators as such, and prioritize that the relationship is built on trust.”

“Our two businesses are mostly offering different services. And I think there are many highly-profitable ways we could work together. The industry is big enough for us all, and the possibilities are endless.”


– Neil of LoyalFans

There are other features which set LoyalFans apart from other fan websites and social media platforms, such as a variety of options for monetizing fans. For instance, content creators have the ability to run their timelines with total freedom over who their audiences are, and whether they want to put out free content (which could be special promotions) or “tipped” content — which could be previews for their shows at the club — LoyalFans will support them.

“What makes LoyalFans special is the features, the stability of the site, the security that you can post adult content freely and the communication that you have between owners and creators directly,” says Neil.

Although Neil feels like LoyalFans offers everything an entertainer and her club could need, he also understands why many entertainers would want to spread their content across multiple platforms, and he doesn’t discourage it. LoyalFans is a supplementary platform to help bring in business for everyone involved.

“We want creators to see us as a reliable alternative, in which, if they’re on multiple platforms, they could put up different content, creating a unique experience for the fans who follow them to LoyalFans,” says Neil.

A fan platform that’s loyal to you

An experienced entertainer knows that a good performance offers many elements, and it follows that a good portion of the revenue, or tips, from both online and in-person adult entertainment comes from the developing fantasy of a loyal patron. The benefits for an adult club entertainer in having an online platform, in addition to her in-person shows, are obvious. She can build her relationships with her fans in a safe, risk-controlled way, because both environments are monitored and secured. And she can keep her online fans aware of all of her club bookings, while taking in additional revenue on her off-days. Online, she can offer private chats, on or off camera, providing fans from the club a relatively more intimate and different experience.

As an EXPO sponsor, LoyalFans hopes to make itself useful to this side of the adult industry. Neil describes the possible relationship between LoyalFans and gentlemen’s clubs as “the best of both worlds,” and he is looking forward to speaking to club owners about how the two can better collaborate, including with the development of LoyalFans pages for clubs. 

“Another idea I’ve been wanting to try is a LoyalFans cam at the club, streaming live footage of the dancers on the stage,” he shares. “It could be running all day, or whenever there’s a dancer on, in promotion of that night’s performers. It would bring fans into the club to see the entertainer live, as well as collect on tips from people who are staying in that night.”

Neil explains that he sees online and in-person adult entertainment as entirely separate businesses, not in competition, but with powerful potential to be complementary.

“Our two businesses are mostly offering different services,” he adds. “And I think there are many highly-profitable ways we could work together. The industry is big enough for us all, and the possibilities are endless.”

LoyalFans wants to think creatively with its creators. As the online platform’s presence expands deeper into in the adult industry, and excites in better serving its creators of all kinds, Neil shares his personal contact information, so as to open up the dialogue between himself, as an owner of the company, and the content creators or club owners.

“It’s always better to talk to an owner who is personally invested in the business than a support person,” he says. “I value my relationships with my content creators tremendously, and I’m always available to talk to them.

“You could have any fan site you want, but why not be with one that is loyal to you?” Neil continues. “Our website has never once been down; we’re reliable, we’re innovative, we listen to suggestions and we constantly adapt the site to suit our creators needs.”

For more information, visit, or contact Neil directly at 727-804-3005.

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