After a wild night in Sin City, Duke of Sussex and international party boy, Prince Harry, left a slipper of sorts, which has sold for a hefty price tag.

The underwear Prince Harry wore at a Las Vegas party has been sold at an auction for $250,000, and has since been insured for a million dollars, according to the US Sun.

The 39-year-old member of the British royal family left his black boxers at a Vegas hotel in 2012, where he was supposedly in a match of strip billiards. Opportunist, and ex-dominatrix, Carrie Royale, who had partied with Prince Harry, seized the under-garnments and proceeded to auction her prize for the large price.

“Carrie says the royal whipped them off as he danced with strippers and played air guitar,” reports the US Sun.

According to Express UK, Prince Harry and Carrie Royale also exchanged a priceless kiss.

Expose club owner Dino Palmiotto purchased the underwear from party girl Carrie for $250,000 and has since created a shrine to house the black boxers in his club.

“I spent a lot of money on these pants but they’re worth it,” says Palmiotto. “They haven’t been washed. They’re in original condition from that night in 2012. These are the real crown jewels and people are excited to come down here and see them.”

“These are the real crown jewels and people are excited to come down here and see them.”


– Dino Palmiotto, Owner of Club Expose

and the Prince Harry underwear shrine

Intent on protecting Prince Harry’s underpants, Palmiotto has taken out a massive insurance policy on them, as well as increase security at his club.

“We’re placing a $1million insurance policy on Harry’s underpants,” he says. “I am seriously scared that someone’s going to break into the club and try to steal them. And you’ve got to protect the crown jewels.”

The royal underwear are housed in a display case for all to see, but not to take.

“We’ve constructed a special case to hold these underpants and they’re locked and bolted in,” Palmiotto says. “I take this very, very seriously. Harry, your underpants are safe at Expose.”

Palmiotto’s purchase is due in part to him being a long-time fan of the royal, according to Express: “[Prince Harry] is a hero and an icon and so is his wife,” Palmiotto declares, adding that “[the underwear will] always be part of Prince Harry’s story, and they are a piece of history.”

The San Diego strip club owner says he has yet to hear from Prince Harry or his wife Meghan Markle after news broke that the pants are in his hands.

He invites: “If Harry wants to call me and come down to see them he is welcome at any time. I’ll have VIP treatment ready for him.”

The younger son of King Charles III and Diana, Princess of Wales, Prince Harry is fifth in the line of succession to the British throne.

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