At just 12 years old, Sean Christopher (aka Chef Sean) was introduced to luminaries in the worlds of music and motion picture. He was tabbed for the big screen to appear in “Jason’s Lyric”, which also featured the likes of Forrest Whitaker and Jada Pinkett Smith.

“I just met them right there on the set and everything was real between us,” says Sean about that transformative opportunity. “Forrest took me under his wing and Jada was like a sister to me — always on the lookout.”

Oh, and they also linked him up with 2Pac.

“It was a great experience at 12,” says Sean.

We bet.

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ED Magazine spoke with Sean, courtesy of, about his versatile career thus far — apart from acting, he’s been a producer, written songs and rapped; the genre “trap rock” and his single “Oh My God.”

ED: You’ve acted, produced, rapped — which endeavor gives you the most satisfaction How’d you link up with Jeremih for the “No Name” remix?

Chef Sean cooking on stage.

SEAN: I love acting as much as I do music but music really is the best for expressing myself. Jeremih and I are from Chicago, it’s natural and we just linked up and got it done. It’s one of my favorite tracks I’ve done, but I have so much more great music coming.

ED: How would you describe trap rock music to those who kind of fall into one camp or the other?

SEAN: Trap rock is a blend of hip hop and rock, it’s fused together from rock music and hip hop lyric with created its own genre called trap rock. Check out “Rockstar” online I did with my rock group “Blaze” — it’s fire.

Stripjoints vol72 animated

ED: To this point, what are you proudest of career-wise?

SEAN: That I’m still in it to win it! That I’ve done some great work that I’m proud of and it’s been a fun journey.

ED: StripJoints services DJs at gentlemen’s clubs nationwide, so, in your words, why would “Oh My God” be a good choice to play at a gentlemen’s club?

SEAN: If you see my video for “Oh My God,” you’ll never ask me that question again. Check it out on YouTube and VEVO right now! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

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