Chef Sean, aka Sean Christopher, has dabbled in the entertainment industry since he was an adolescent. At 12, he appeared in a movie alongside Forest Whitaker and Jada Pinkett Smith. As an actor, producer and rapper, Chef Sean is no stranger to the world of celebrity.

But on April 29, the Chef dropped his first album, “My Life”, — something he says was unlike any endeavor of his before.

“It doesn’t compare (to previous things I’ve done in music),” says Chef Sean of his debut album. “It’s a body of work, everything else has been by itself, on its own. This album is like a full machine so nothing really compares. The feeling I had when it dropped — it was built up because I put a lot into it, I’d been waiting to drop an album for a while. I don’t think they were even ready for this but I know we’re all happy with this album; I’ve heard nothing but good things about it, I’m overwhelmed — I’m happy it’s out and people are enjoying it.”

ED Magazine spoke with Chef Sean, courtesy of, about meeting 2Pac at 12, the lead single “Flex Off” from his album, and which musical act he would pay to go see.

ED: You said meeting 2Pac at 12 was a great experience, what do you remember about that encounter? How, if at all, did that influence your interest or pursuit of music?

Chef Sean (Photo by Steve Tracy)

CHEF SEAN: I was already a heavy fan into music, but I’d seen 2Pac make people pass out (laughs). The interest was already there, but 2Pac added to the foundation. I was young, trying to find myself. He had a big hand in it, but I’m not necessarily a 2Pac artist.

ED: How and why did you choose “Flex Off” to be the first single off “My Life”? 

CHEF SEAN: I felt like it had an up-tempo beat and the song was different. I feel like it can be played in a strip club or the radio.

ED: How much fun was it filming the music video for “Flex Off”?

CHEF SEAN: It was a lot of fun. Behind the scenes was crazy.

ED: Who’s a musician you would pay top dollar to see in 2022 and why?

CHEF SEAN: I’d pay to go see Kanye (West), Stevie Wonder … those two definitely. There are a lot of people I really like — Beyoncé has a great voice, Adele (too).

ED: What’s your best gentlemen’s club story?  

Chef Sean

CHEF SEAN: Sex on the floor. It was supposed to be a lap dance (laughs).

ED: It’s fairly evident watching the music video but humor me — in your own words, why is “Flex Off” a good choice to play at a gentlemen’s club?

CHEF SEAN: It’s giving the ladies a chance for the spenders to flex off and spend some money. You want them to show out. It’s that kind of song. Show your shit — show off for the ladies. Ladies should enjoy it.

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