The world-famous Cat’s Meow, a leading karaoke club chain, has arrived in Las Vegas. 

With a grand opening planned for July 18 at 2 p.m. and a soft opening the week of June 23, The Cat’s Meow will invigorate downtown Las Vegas nightlife and deliver a new level of fun and entertainment for locals and tourists alike!

“What makes our concept unique,” says Michael Marowski, the club’s general manager, “is that we employ DJs and professional singers to enhance the entertainment and provide backup to guest singers. Our shows are non-stop fun and high-energy entertainment with audience participation. Everybody can be a rockstar!”

The New Orleans location, universally regarded as the #1 karaoke bar on the planet sees over 15,000 guests weekly and is the highest-rated bar on Bourbon Street. The new Las Vegas location, located at 450 Fremont Street, Ste. 250 (above Heart Attack Grill) is much larger, at over 10,000 square feet, and features advanced broadcast technology that allows amateur singers to showcase their aspiring talent for friends at home. 

The club further sets itself apart by truly being a full-time nightclub with karaoke, not just a local bar that occasionally features karaoke.

“Another unique feature of our new location is our balcony,” says Ryan Carlson, the club’s entertainment coordinator. “Everybody really seems to love the overlook of Fremont and 4th Streets, especially given that onlookers can look up and see performances going on. Our signature promotion of a free champagne bottle for groups celebrating any special occasion will be extended to our Las Vegas guests. We’re very excited about our new location in Las Vegas and know our guests will love it too.”

The World-Famous Cat’s Meow is the #1 Karaoke Club chain in the world.  The Las Vegas location is located at Fremont & 4th Street, above Heart Attack Grill.  See or email for more info.

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