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Aja Marie started at Lido’s On The Beach, in Cocoa Beach, Florida. She was mesmerized by the acrobatics of pole dancing. Aja Marie has 5 years of gymnastic background and used it to help her learn pole dancing. She then started competing in pole dancing competitions on the east coast of the United States, not too long after becoming a six time pole dancing champion. Aja Marie heard about a show club in Anchorage, Alaska called The Great Alaskan Bush Company. She wanted to be a show girl more than anything, and booked a flight to Alaska. It was there in Anchorage at The Great Alaskan Bush Company where she spent two years learning to be a showgirl. After she felt ready to become a traveling showgirl, Aja Marie flew into New Orleans, Louisiana to work for the PENTHOUSE CLUB NEW ORLEANS. She started modeling for PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE, and became a brand ambassador for PENTHOUSE clubs across the United States. PENTHOUSE introduced her to the ED convention, and when Aja Marie saw all of the amazing performers on the award stage, she knew where she wanted to be in her future. You can catch Aja Marie traveling around the United States and also at her home club THE PENTHOUSE CLUB BATON ROUGE in Louisiana. Aja Marie has also modeled for PLAYBOYPLUS.COM and says she loves posing for photos. She took first place in the PLATINUM 84 bikini competition, at the 25th anniversary of Exotiv Dancer Expo 2017.  For those who are wondering what ethnic background she is, Aja Marie is Mexican and Chinese.

Aja Marie loves when the crowd throws dollars all over her body. Her fantasy is to make love on a bed covered in money. She says “I get turned on by foot rubs and back massages”. Even though she has an exciting Dominatrix show, she is actually very submissive and enjoys being dominated. Her favorite show is her fire gypsy show, that she’s been performing since 2012, It’s action packed with palm poi, fire fans, and a flaming Lyra. She says the funniest pick up line she’s heard is, “Baby if you were words on paper, you’d be FINE print”.

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