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The last time Breed saw his cousin, MC Breed, is seared into the younger Breed’s mind. The reason that Southern California performance is so vivid? Because it was the last time he saw his cousin alive.

“It was like he was passing the torch because he passed 30 days later,” recalls Breed.

ED Magazine caught up with Breed, courtesy of, to talk about his cousin’s musical influence, his own musical style and his single “Cash Out.”

ED: Talk about the influence your cousin MC Breed has had on you and your career thus far?
BREED: MC Breed was a big influence on my career. He had a hit record. He always let me meet his industry contacts and people so I could get my feet wet. He showed me how to maneuver through Los Angeles and be prosperous.

ED: What’s the biggest lesson you learned from MC Breed?
BREED: Not to get into industry politics, stay focused on the music, be cordial, and be polite. Personal opinions don’t always matter.

ED: Can you talk about how you would describe your own musical style?

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BREED: I’m more of a storyteller, a painter. I’ll give you something to think about, leave your brain something to chew on.

ED: Outside of your cousin, who are some other musical artists you appreciate and try to mimic/borrow something from?
BREED: Too Short, TI, Master P.

ED: What have you been doing the last year or so—recording, staying away from music, learning new things, etc.?
BREED: I’ve been spreading my wings with new business ventures. I’ve invested into the fast-food industry, I have a couple food trucks, you can catch them on IG at ish_i_foods, I got a grocery store, I ran an AAU football team for a while, but for now it’s all groceries and food truck chains—I want 50 of them. Ish n I’s comes from twins Ishmael and Isaac that passed keeping their names alive.

ED: Do you have any tour dates coming up in 2021?
BREED: We are planning our tour dates around strip clubs accepting the record. If any DJs out there feelin’ this record, tap in, we gon’ pull up fast and not slow.

ED: Why do you think “Cash Out” would be a good play in gentlemen’s clubs?
BREED: I mean it’s right up its alley. It’s like a corner pocket shot, it’s an upliftment to women.

Stripjoints vol72 animated

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