Who won week two ?

While week 3 of our “Let’s Get Risky” ’80s Movie Trivia Contest is happening right now, week two’s “Action Heroes” trivia category generated a lot of interest—and correct answers! You guys definitely know your John Rambos, Terminators and Axel Foleys!

Here are week two’s trivia questions and answers!

Q1) In ‘Die Hard,’ what was the name of Hans Gruber’s number-one henchman?


Q2) What ‘nickname’ did the police in ‘The Terminator’ give to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character (they didn’t call him ‘The Terminator’) ?

ANSWER: The “Phone Book Killer” (or The “Goddamn Phone Book Killer”)

Q3) In ‘First Blood,’ what is the full name of the Special Forces Commander called into find and ‘rescue’ John Rambo?

ANSWER: Colonel Samuel Trautman

Q4) What is the mystery ‘disease’ that Eddie Murphy uses to gain access to the country club where he confronts Victor Maitland in ‘Beverly Hills Cop’?

ANSWER: Herpes Simplex 10

Q5) In ‘Batman’ (1989), what is the full, real name of the ‘Joker’ before he ‘changes’?

ANSWER: Jack Napier


Thank you to all of those who took the time to give your best shot at week two’s “Action Heroes” category! But of course, there can be only one winner … and that winner is feature entertainer and former ED’s Overall Entertainer of the Year nominee, JUSTICE! 

“I most look forward to seeing my feature sisters and, of course, networking,” says Justice of what she’s most looking forward to about attending EXPO 2018. “There is always someone or something thing new and exciting at EXPO each year that could inspire a new show for me.”

“If I was going to have an ’80s movie marathon, I always like to start with ‘Earth Girls are Easy,’ ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ and ‘Elvira Mistress of the Dark.'”

If you want a shot at a free EXPO badge, just do what week one winner Lady Sirene and week two winner Justice did: Answer the five questions from the latest week’s contest correctly and you have a great shot!

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