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ED Special Focuses for 2019

May Issue: NEW Deadline: April 8
The Furniture “Trifecta”
Furniture • Bar stools • Fixtures • Portable bars • Carpet

Comfort, durability and price—this elusive “trifecta” is what drives the decision-making process for purchasing adult club furniture. The question is, can clubs have all three?
Our May issue’s Special Focus will highlight the top furniture companies currently serving the adult club sector, and whether they can deliver the trifecta.
Furniture • Bar stools • Fixtures • Portable bars • Carpet
Focus Extra: Pole Position (Dance poles and portable stages)

July Issue: NEW Deadline: June 7
Robot Managers!
• POS systems • Inventory control

Today’s POS systems are a far cry from the “cash registers” of old. They can help track
liquor inventory, provide vital sales information, reduce costs and save time, which frees up your staff to provide an even higher level of customer service. This Special Focus will
highlight the top POS systems and what features separate one from another.
Focus Extra: When you need to communicate NOW (Security radios and earpieces)
* This will be the issue handed out at EXPO 2019

September Issue: NEW Deadline: August 30
Isn’t Plastic Fantastic?
• Credit card processors • Fraud protection • ID verification

* EXPO Recap issue #1
Sure, cash may be king. But the real power is in plastics—credit cards, that is. That’s why the ways in which you collect and process those credit cards is so vitally important. But what happens when your business is the frequent target of credit card fraud? Who do you turn to when Visa and call yours a “high-risk” business? That’s where companies who specialize in the adult nightclub industry are especially valuable, and our November issue’s Special Focus will highlight these companies.
Focus Extra: The Award Winners! (celebrating 2019 ED Awards)

November Issue: NEW Deadline: October 15
They Wear it Well
• Club apparel (tees, tank tops, sweatshirts, hats)
• Uniforms & attire for waitresses and bar staff • Gowns and dancewear

* EXPO Recap issue #2
Whether it’s customers (branded club apparel), staff (outfits for waitresses and bartenders) or entertainers (gowns and dancewear), there’s no doubt that quality apparel factors into several areas of daily club operation. This Special Focus will spotlight those companies who specialize in this industry’s apparel needs.


May 2019 Special Focus
How To Stop Internal Theft!
July 2019 Special Focus
Liquor Brands Your Club Needs!
September 2019 Special Focus
Isn’t Plastic Fantastic
November 2019 Special Focus
They Wear It Well!

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