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So, the burning question is whether or not you have your own USB-rechargeable, LED-lighted, heated, remote-controlled, full-silicone anal plug for men?

If not, then why not?

Many readers of ED Magazine and perusers of this ED website may not be aware that we also publish a trade magazine for the adult retail industry. The magazine is called StorErotica and, similar to what ED Magazine does for the adult nightclub industry, StorErotica does for retail stores that sell adult toys and novelties and the manufacturers and distributors who sell those items to the stores.

In both industries the most important component for us are the vendors because they are the ones who buy advertising. The readers—the adult nightclubs and the adult retail stores—are also important because without them reading the publications and calling vendors whose display advertisements they see we would not get any ad revenue. So, to entice readers, both magazines are packed with editorial and photos, covering everything from marketing tips to smart business operations to breaking legal news and, of course, new product press releases.

Which leads us to that anal plug mentioned above.

That whole line—USB-rechargeable, LED-lighted, heated, remote-controlled, full-silicone anal plug for men—was the headline in the press release emailed to us about that particular company’s new product. The press release went on to note that their new butt plug was on sale for just $12.89, as long as you order 100 of the plugs. They come in one color, black, and have 10 modes of vibration.

Because after all, what good is a butt plug if it doesn’t vibrate at at least 10 different speeds?

Our email boxes here on the office computers are filled nonstop all day long. Some of us get our personal email forwarded to our business email address as well. So our email boxes are full of a hodgepodge of emails—emails from friends and relatives, emails about upcoming events, emails about online store sales, emails about breaking news, business emails, email replies from sales pitches, and, every now and then, an email about LED-lighted anal plugs. No matter how often we get an email like that it’s still a bit of a shock to see that headline in the list of subject lines in our email box.
They always make you go back—Whoah, did that say what I thought it said?—which is the whole purpose of a press release.

We also get new product releases for ED Magazine but they are more along the lines of check out our cool new ATM machines or club furniture or custom bar glassware.

Those ED press releases also have headlines, but none that say USB-rechargeable, LED-lighted, heated, remote-controlled, full-silicone beer mugs for men.

Which might not be a bad idea.

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