When erotic artist and model Mila DeLuna hit the ground running as a feature entertainer a few years ago, she quickly won hearts and awards touring the country. The petite blue-eyed brunette’s presence always packs a punch with her unique combination of both modern dance and classic burlesque – featuring fire, pole, aerial hoop, crowd interaction, and devilish surprises.  Part America’s sweetheart, part unrepentant wild child, Mila has also recently taken her love of erotic self-expression from stage to screen as one of this year’s hottest up-and-coming independent clip producers. You’ll fall for those baby blues and soft curves—but you’ll stay for her wicked charm. Mila DeLuna will be one to watch both online and on stage in 2021!

List of Titles or Awards:

2019 ED Awards “Club Favorite” Nomination
2019 Exotic Dancer Invitationals “Most Original Show”
2019 Feature Dancer Championships “Hottest Stage Personality”
2018 ED Awards “Newcomer of the Year” Nomination
2018 Exotic Dancer Invitationals 1st Runner Up
2018 Exotic Dancer Invitationals “Hottest Body”
2017 Miss Michigan Exotica’s “Classic Beauty”

10 questions for Miss ExoticDancer.com

ED: What does it mean to be named Miss ExoticDancer.com of the Month?
MILA: It is an honor to represent not just myself as an entertainer but also exotic dancers on a larger scale by being January’s Miss ExoticDancer.com! I love my industry and getting to be a face to represent the girls that make it happen is a huge compliment. It’s the kind of acknowledgement that makes me more grateful and proud to be out and active as a professional exotic dancer.

ED: What is it about “Will Do” by TV on the Radio that makes it so great to dance to?
MILA: Ugh! That song tugs at my heartstrings! It is so soft and sexy and makes me want to move in the same tenderly, emotive way the vocals are delivered. It just touches me. I can listen to that song over and over and over…

ED: Favorite time-traveling Creedence Clearwater Revival song?
MILA: “Travelin’ Band” all the way! Being on the road for shows and singing along about heading south to Memphis for a show while literally taking an exit south to Memphis is like, ‘I’m there, I’m living it!’

ED: What’s your favorite outfit to get out of?
MILA: This black two-piece fishnet outfit adorned with rhinestones, the matching thigh-high stockings even have a backseam. I feel so sexy in it, I actually filmed my first stripper fantasy video dancing and stripping out of it, a POV VIP!

ED: Any New Year’s resolution?
MILA: To share more! It has been a bad habit of mine to not post very frequently or share much on my online platforms. 2020 put our industry on the shelf and a lot of us entertainers responded by moving more of what we could online. I’ve always mainly been an in-person entertainer, so this unexpected shift kind of forced me to get way more comfortable online and I’m so, so happy that it did. This year has been great for creating and sharing more of myself, and I have way more fun planned for 2021!

ED: What’s been your go-to quarantine activity?
MILA: Sewing! Also, masturbation.

ED: Your favorite body part of yourself?
MILA: People often tell me my eyes are my most striking feature, but I’m personally in love with my boobies! I just have really pretty tits.

ED: What gets your motor purring?
MILA: Kindness. That delicate balance of both rough and sweet. Tell me something interesting. Put your money where your mouth is. And put your mouth…

ED: Best and worst pick-up line?
MILA: Best: “I just bought us the rest of the night in VIP”; worst: “You should be a mask model!” Again, because of my eyes, but with half of my face covered, how should I take that? Haha but you gotta laugh because it’s so 2020.

Your Social Media:

INSTAGRAM: @mila.deluna and her new burlesque arts focused account, @MilaLaMachina!
TWITTER: @mila_deluna_
FAN SITE: OnlyFans.com/MilaDeLuna
More to explore at MilaNextDoor.com

photos by 85 Octane

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