Adult film star Darcie Dolce moonlights on the decks at nightclubs, parties—and even strip clubs. But as the brunette beauty explains, not everyone is on board with her side gig.

Darcie Dolce may have a legion of fans from her thriving porn career, but there is also a large swath of people who know the 25-year-old for her earlier interest—being a DJ. She has always had an affection for music, but DJing allows for a kind of control of the scene’s atmosphere. Though she’s not known for wearing a lot of clothes, she definitely wears a lot of hats: Adult film star, touring feature entertainer … and now, professional DJ.

Porn star by day, DJ by night: Darcie Dolce

Dolce first came across DJing when a friend of hers suggested she try it. She’s been DJing for five years now, having started modestly with a Guitar Center controller before committing more time and money to gaining serious equipment.

She doesn’t beat around the bush when she says she started in adult film to make more money, but also to heighten her exposure for her DJing career.

In an exclusive interview with, Dolce details her DJing career, as well as the reaction—which hasn’t been all positive—within the adult film industry to her older vocation.

ThePub: Based on what your website, you keep yourself pretty occupied. You’re only 25, but have you already given thought to what your next steps will be in your adult career?

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Darcie: Six months into my adult career, I started directing for Filly Films and I was nominated for both AVN and XBIZ Awards as both a talent and director in my first year of eligibility. I really liked directing so I started a production company—Dolce XXX. I now direct for my company as well as others. I have several things in the works I can’t discuss yet, but please keep an eye out.

ThePub: What types of events have you DJ’ed at so far? Do these include strip clubs, ‘regular’ nightclubs, or both?

Darcie: I have DJ’ed all kinds of events and at some of the most world-renowned clubs in the U.S.—clubs like Avalon in Hollywood, Light in Vegas to name a few. But I also DJ at smaller venues, day parties, pool clubs and an occasional gentleman’s club.

ThePub: What’s the reaction been within adult film industry vs reaction outside of it?

Dolce: The reaction from within the adult industry has been twofold. I’ve been hired to DJ multiple events for both XBIZ and AVN, and I feel that’s a compliment to my skill set.

However, you get other talent that then think they can DJ because you can so they try to come up and touch the mixer which is a huge disrespect. (Imagine going to a rock concert and trying to take to the guitar from the lead guitarist).

The reaction outside the industry has been mixed, too. You always are going to have haters. I often get “Oh you are the DJ?” because I walk in with my headphone and my heart. I am a real DJ, not a computer DJ! I was taught by real DJs that said to be a DJ you can’t use a computer so I never do! Those same people that question me are usually the same people that are high-fiving me when I get off the decks or leave the club. I have learned over the years people will always doubt me so I just shut them up with my skills.

ThePub: Are there specific DJs that you follow, or who inspire you?

Dolce: I am a house head (house music) so my favorites are Nora En Pure, Claude Von Stroke and Kill Frenzy.

ThePub: What would you like to be known for as a DJ?

Dolce: I just want people to respect me as a DJ. I started producing last year so I really want to be respected as a DJ and producer ultimately.

ThePub: How many doors within the DJ industry does the adult film industry open, or has your porn career worked against you?

Dolce: Actually the adult industry has hindered me more than it has helped me. I was hoping it would have helped me more, but it has been a setback in terms of the way the music industry looks at me. I am a DJ that decided to do porn but they think of me as the porn girl that wants to be a DJ like all the other wanna-be pornstar DJs. I am a solid DJ and I prove it every time I spin.


ThePub: Strip club DJs are a pretty skeptical bunch. How have you been received so far in the clubs where you’ve been booked?

Dolce: The majority of strip clubs don’t have the same equipment as nightclubs so there is a big difference between the two, generally speaking. But at the strip clubs that I have been booked at the DJs actually took the time to research me and looked up my Soundcloud or Mixcloud accounts to check out what I do as a DJ so they actually have been way more receptive than DJs at nightclubs. I actually DJ’ed at the $10,000 Bikini Contest ED/EXPO Pool Party last August at Rehab in the Hard Rock Hotel, so I hope to see everyone there again this year!

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