(Note: This story appears in the July 2022 issue of ED Magazine)

ChargeSavvy’s “POS with benefits” just got super-charged thanks to their “Dance Tracker” and new partnerships with Pole Position and Berg Liquor Controls.

With all of the external and internal challenges facing club owners and operators across the US today, competition has rarely been more fierce. That’s why successful operators will take any and every opportunity available to them to get one step ahead of their competition; not just other adult clubs, but all entertainment venues that vie for that coveted “disposable income.”

Though they may have started as a POS system, Charge Savvy has quickly evolved into so much more. At EXPO 2022, ChargeSavvy will be introducing new faces, new partnerships, new product functionality and much more. “Our goal is to provide the tools for success that business owners can use to maximize promotional initiatives and have their efforts go further, through enhanced management and tracking,” says ChargeSavvy’s Managing Director, Phil Nguyen. “As we say in our new tagline — We truly are POS WITH BENEFITS.”

Not unlike Major League Baseball teams who utilize data-based “sabermetrics” to make key team decisions, ChargeSavvy’s “POS with benefits” helps to provide key metrics based on promotional activities and commissionable sale items that can help operators better understand opportunities to impact profitability. “Knowledge is power, and having access to real- time reporting allows for better decision making and genuinely understanding the customer,” says Nguyen. “A majority of our customers own multiple establishments. We are focusing on enhancements to facilitate reporting and monitoring across multiple locations. It’s critical to get a total picture of one’s business and as partners in their success, we want to make sure our customers understand how to best use our technology, especially when it comes to generating usable reports.”

New collaborations & synergies with Greenbox, Pole Position and Berg Liquor Controls

A key component in ChargeSavvy’s continual growth is the collaborations they enter into with successful businesses. These strategic alliances allow ChargeSavvy to boost their operational portfolio, while presenting added value for their clientele.
As reported on in the March 2022 cover story for ED Magazine, GreenBox POS, a NASDAQ publicly-traded, financial technology company that leverages proprietary blockchain security to build customized payment solutions, acquired ChargeSavvy. “ChargeSavvy is supported by GreenBox POS technology, which we believe provides us with access to best in class tools, tech and service,” says Product Manager Heather Vines.

“The world is becoming less and less cash- driven and being able to move money on the blockchain will allow us to offer this option to customers and operators, alike. We believe blockchain technology offers the promise of faster, more transparent and more secure transactions- all things that a business owner needs. ”Now, ChargeSavvy is proud to announce new collaboration with EXPO 2022 Sponsor Pole Position and EXPO 2022 exhibitor Berg Liquor Controls.

“We are absolutely delighted with our collaboration with Pole Position, an app for adult entertainment dancers to easily find clubs, schedule bookings, and build their skillsets using top-quality content from industry experts,” says Vines. “Our integration will allow for a streamlined check-in into the ChargeSavvy app.

“As Berg’s first cloud-based integration partner, ChargeSavvy simplifies the use of Berg Systems at gentlemen’s clubs,” adds Vines. “Our menu items are configured to BERG PLUs to effortlessly allow all hard liquors sales to be controlled and tracked. Alongside ChargeSavvy, you will be able to accelerate your daily processes with consistent drink orders and reporting while reducing waste and theft with Berg’s tracking tools.”

New product functionality with “Dance Tracker” in the ChargeSavvy app

Not content to stop at the aforementioned collaborations, ChargeSavvy has also announced that their “POS with benefits” now features “Dance Tracker,” a new functionality that allows operators to centrally track and manage entertainer dances, fees and commissions, 100% in the ChargeSavvy app. “No more hassle, confusion or tracking down information; ‘Dance Tracker’ allows for, yes, better tracking,” says Vines. “Now, clubs can on-board, store and renew entertainer contracts and supporting documents, to allow operators to focus on the key business trends and drivers, rather than on paperwork. When everything is stored in one encrypted place, it makes for better operations, and even relationships with your entertainers in the long run.”

As Vines points out, this may very well be the” holy grail to success,” given that entertainer reporting can at times be inaccurate, after-the-fact and, without the proper tools, a headache. “ChargeSavvy’s detailed reporting around shifts, fees and commissions over time give both the entertainer and operator very clear information that can be used to grow the business,” she adds.

Whether it’s “Dance Tracker,” their new collaborations or their “POS with benefits,” Vines and the team at ChargeSavvy — including Support Manager Don Koteles, Director of Operations Sherry Newquist, Managing Director Phil Nguyen and SVP Sales’ Justin Sokol — is looking forward to seeing existing clients and meeting new ones at EXPO 2022 in Las Vegas.

“This year, you will not only see some new faces, but you will see a NEW ChargeSavvy at EXPO,” says Vines. “Join us at ‘QUAD 1’ to view product demonstrations, interact with our tech experts, while creating lasting connections in our lounge area. But first and foremost, EXPO is an opportunity to learn from the attendees in regard to what else they would like to see, hear and get from us. The operators are our key to success; without their feedback, we may be missing something critical. Come by and say hello to the team and see the NEW ChargeSavvy brand.”

To schedule a time to meet ChargeSavvy during EXPO, email info@chargesavvy.com for more information, visit chargesavvy.com or call (708) 272-8170.

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