SAINt JHN “The Best Part of Life”
For those who SAINt JHN is teetering on the fringes of memory, he is the artist best known for his 2016 song “Roses” which was granted even more exposure once it was remixed in 2019. SAINt JHN has plenty of credits to his name besides “Roses” though, having written for Kanye West and Usher, among others. He adds to his discography with “The Best Part of Life” which carries the artist’s soulful vocals coupled with a sick, clubby beat. Those expecting a spiritual continuation of the “Roses” remix should brace for a more mindful, calculated anthem that still delivers a very satisfying track.

Penny Billionaires “What Would You Do”
Penny Billionaires is back with “What Would You Do.” We’ve featured this duo and their legendary chemistry before with singles like “BRKDWN” and “Awoken”. “What Would You Do” is the duo’s latest showcasing of that rapport, coming out of the gates with a catchy beat that leads to some synth-tinged hard rock. “What Would You Do” sees Penny Billionaires continuing their hot streak of hard-hitting rock anthems reminiscent of rock from years past while invoking some of the technical prowess and prior experience members Evan Berg and Greg Jacks bring. Consider this quote from Berg from a previous interview with ED Magazine about the duo’s sound: “I would almost classify it as a hybrid of Electronica and hard rock. I spent my early years dabbling into EDM Pop production but have always wanted to do something heavier like the bands that I grew up listening to: Linkin Park, Metallica, Papa Roach, etc. I wanted to do something like that but with a production style using elements from DJs such as Skrillex, Zedd, and Porter Robinson.”

Scorpions “Rock Believer”
The Scorpions are still at it, nearly 60 years after originally forming in 1965. The band, perhaps best known for their smash hit “Rock You Like a Hurricane”, has shown it still remains true to its identity with their newest album “Rock Believer,” including the eponymous track. Literally five seconds into “Rock Believer”, the song is identifiable as belonging to the Scorpions discography. That drum play coupled with the riffing guitars make for a lively, vintage intro. As far as the song itself, “Rock Believer” seemingly encourages audience engagement — what more are you looking for in a song to blast at your club? Just consider these lyrics: “Scream for me, screamer/I’m a rock believer like you/Just like you.” If you have any doubts about what Scorpions are (still) capable of, let this tune convert you into a “Rock Believer.”

Seven Year Witch “Shit Keeps Happenin”
As if we need to keep pounding home the mantra, “Rock ain’t dead,” yet another bitchin’ rock band has emerged: Seven Year Witch. Proving that good music can come from anywhere — in this case, from “the backwoods of South Carolina” — Seven Year Witch delivers a potent brand of hard rock, fused with blues-punk and ’70s garage rock. All of these sonic elements are on full display in the track “Shit Keeps Happenin’,” which is featured on the latest edition of StripJointsMusic. On top of some bombastic vocals from frontman Aaron Langford, there are some lyrics that just might be about a stripper: “Whoever knew that the woman was a devil/Love’s the game, she’s playing next level now/Swinging on the pole I’mma need a minute/Tall glass of water I’mma need to get it/Take me home, I’m your slave.” Something tells us these guys aren’t strangers to the fine entertainment only available at your local strip joint.

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