You only get one shot at a first impression. And goddamn, that must have been one hell of an impression.

For the Kansas City-based brother-duo Black Oxygen, it was a bartender named Lacey at a gentlemen’s club in Tampa where that impression proved memorable — and inspirational. Black Oxygen, comprised of brothers David and Nick Lyle, has just released a song called “Laceyville” which was inspired by the aforementioned bartender.

Say the brothers in “Laceyville,” “I gotta fight through the crowd now, then a one-way street, can’t turn around, at the end where perfection is found. There she is like a dream like oh wow, I’m barely breathin when she walks my way. She’s got the world in her eyes and I just want to stay, what kind of smoke can make a man insane, I said she ain’t a breeze she’s a hurricane.”

While we can’t be certain whether or not this is the first song dedicated to a strip club bartender, we are damn sure gonna celebrate it! You can listen to “Laceyville” on the latest edition of StripJointsMusic, brought to us by our friends at Concrete Marketing. We had a chance to ask the Lyle brothers about what it’s like to be a “band” comprised of only two members, how they deftly combine elements of rock and hip-hop, and what exactly inspired “Laceyville.”

ED: There are a lot of bands out there, but it’s extremely rare to see a band with just two members. Has Black Oxygen always been just the two of you?
LYLE: Years back there were some other members but it always just worked best with us since we wrote all the music anyways and have great chemistry growing up together and with us both we play all instruments on the recordings!

ED: Being brothers, how does that help your “connection” to the band, the songwriting process, the music, etc.?
LYLE: It’s great! We are both very different, but each other’s 1/2 great equals greatness! We also enjoy different styles of music and both write differently so it’s fun and connection; musically it flows smoothly like riding a bicycle. 

ED: Were you ever told along the way that you can’t succeed in ‘rock’ music with just two members? If so, how did you respond?
LYLE: We actually weren’t. But we’d categorize our records pop/mainstream rock & hip-hop. So it works great with those styles.

The Lyle brothers
The Lyle brothers

ED: You previously performed the national anthem at a Kansas City Chiefs game; what was that experience like? And does this make you Chiefs fans? If so, how happy were you to see them win yet another Super Bowl?
LYLE: It was EPIC seeing them when the Super Bowl! And yes, a few years back it was so much fun performing the National Anthem at the KC Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium and an honor they asked us!

ED: You’ve also collaborated with rap/hip-hop artists. How do YOU describe Black Oxygen? What has led to these collaborations?
LYLE: We in general just in working with other artists it’s always fun musically and to mix styles! The funnest collab we have done yet is with our friend Tech N9ne!

ED: The song ‘Laceyville’ is being featured on the newest volume of StripJointsMusic, which is promoted to over 1,000 strip club DJs. Does it represent where Black Oxygen is today, musically speaking?
LYLE: The song is lyrically about the connection you have with someone that you feel something special for. Yes, as far as musically I feel it shows the growth of Black Oxygen. We feel we grow after every production. We push ourselves constantly.

ED: Do you have any fun or interesting strip club experiences, aside from the bartender in Tampa who made such an impression on you? Any clubs that you want to shout out specifically?
LYLE: On past tours we’ve visited strip clubs and they’re always fun vibes! We want to shout out and thank all the strip clubs for ROCKING “LACEYVILLE”!

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