“The strip club was a better neighbor than the church is.”

Yes, you read that correctly. Business owners in San Diego are lamenting the fact that “Rock Church” bought The Body Shop back in August 2018, because they’ve done absolutely nothing with the property. They hung up their sign — and simply walked away.

Before: The Body Shop in San Diego
After: Rock Church (KGTV San Diego)

“At least the (strip) club made some attempt to keep the sidewalk clean,” said one area business owner to KGTV San Diego. Other neighboring businesses are speaking up as well. Noor Shamoon comes to work at Navis Pack and Shop to the sights and smells of  “food, trash, feces on the wall, on our vehicles.” Shamoon adds that people have vandalized the business’ work truck.

The so-called Rock Church bought The Body Shop for a reported $2.3 million, vowing to clean up the area around the former strip club. However, the church has never opened, and the church’s owners are nowhere to be found. For now, it’s allegedly a magnet for the homeless, drugs and prostitution. One man reportedly overdosed recently. “I think he maybe shot up some kind of drug or something. We were concerned about him so we called an ambulance,” said Gary Vicker, who works across the street at Midas.


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