Let it be known not all streakers are created equally.

During the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LV in Tampa, Yuri Andrade streaked onto the field. He was eventually caught and taken off the field, as is the case with most streakers that interrupt huge sporting events. What makes this streaker stand out is that he supposedly bet on himself and won five figures compared to the $500 it took to bail himself out.

Andrade clearly was feeling himself and his supposed winnings as he went onstage at the Penthouse Club in Tampa in the same ensemble—a pink thong bathing suit—that brought him fame, or infamy, hours earlier during the Super Bowl.

And much like the big game, security wasn’t nearly as enthused at Andrade’s antics as he was. Security at the club attempted to get Andrade but he led them on a goose chase throughout the club before he was dragged off the stage. We’re not sure if Andrade has a future as an entertainer, but if he needs to audition, at least he’s in the right place! Check out the streaker’s stripping in this video from Penthouse Club.

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