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(Note: This story appears in the January 2022 issue of ED Magazine)

Whether you’re walking on it, your patrons are sitting in it or your entertainers are captivating on it, good furniture (poles, chairs, carpeting, etc.) is a vital component of a successful club. In this Special Focus, we’re highlighting the furniture and pole companies that you should call to improve or revitalize your club’s decor.

Furniture companies

HRR Custom Designs
Answers courtesy of Riccardo Tagliavia
Note: For more information on HRR, see ED Magazine’s November 2021 cover story

Among the slew of clients HRR Custom Designs counts as its own are The Penthouse Club, Perfect 10, Bucks Cabaret, and the Pony Clubs. The majority of HRR’s customers come from referrals, which provides HRR founder and owner Riccardo Tagliavia added incentive to over deliver because he sees it as delivering to two parties.

HRR’s first interaction with an interested client is typically a phone conversation discussing the customer’s vision and the needs of the business. If the project in question is more complex (such as a foundational change), HRR will come on-site to walk the space, take measurements and overall share in the customer’s vision for the space; such as how to fit the most booths or tables or chairs to maximize per-guest profit and ultimate return of investment (ROI).

Tagliavia says it’s easier for him to visit clubs to see the space through the potential guest’s eyes. Prepared quotes include dimensions, fabric choices, pricing and timeline details.

My job is to deliver my clients what they want,” he says. “If then they ask me, ‘Riccardo, do you think we could do something different here?’ Then I give an answer. For example, if instead of making these couches 42 inches, we make them 38 inches — now we’re shaving four inches off the couch, which will allow me to fit an additional piece. That’s how I explain it, but I never say, ‘Oh no, you should do it this way, or it must be done this other way.’ The customer is always right. They know their clientele. They know the people that work there. I advise on things that make sense geometrically.”

HRR will soon unveil a redesign of the barrel chair, the “Club Chair,” at Silver City Cabaret (Dallas) this year. As far as other furniture trends, HRR has witnessed a heightened demand for vinyl products because it is more easily cleaned. There has also been a return to more crushed velvets and larger build-outs as people and businesses attempt to rebound from the pandemic and COVID-induced changes.

For more information, visit or call (617) 899-8615.

Nightlife Furniture/Venue Industries
Answers courtesy of Rebecca Scott

Our Baller Chair is our most popular and aggressively priced lounge chair at $425. The Baller Chair is a huge hit because it was specifically engineered for lap dances and club atmospheres. The Baller Chair has a width of 30 inches, which is perfect for ‘man-spreading.’ We also use commercially graded fabrics that can withstand up to 100,000 double rubs and all wood components are CNC-cut for optimal accuracy.

We create high-quality, upholstered lounge chairs that range from $400-$900, while our booths and banquettes range from $800-$1,800. Our metal chairs and barstools are as low as $128. All products are fully customizable to fit any floor plan or design aesthetic.

Working with a club owner’s budget is our top priority, that’s why we engineer all of our products to fit a lower price point for this industry. Commercial furniture may seem like an extravagant expenditure to owners who have only previously purchased consumer-facing or residential furniture products for their business. However, durability and product construction is a huge factor for return on investment on furniture purchases. Replenishing residential furniture every five years is significantly less cost effective than buying commercial furniture with a structural warranty.

In terms of return on investment, we like to use three factors to determine it: durability, intractability and functionality. Durability of furniture is massively important in any highly trafficked commercial interior. A product that is thoughtfully constructed, comfortable and comes with a 7-year structural warranty is going to work much better for the long-term and will retain customers. Remember, first impressions are important. Cracked vinyl and wobbly seating will not build brand loyalty or create repeat customers.

Intractability of furniture is a big part of the customer experience; we design furniture that is visually impactful and memorable. In an age where Yelp and Google reviews influence others, it is crucial to create a positive interaction between you and the customer. Lastly, functionality of furniture can influence dance sales and food & beverage sales. Most business owners do not consider how furniture layouts and design can drive profit. For example, our Boujee Ottoman has a built-in ice bucket so that customers do not have to leave the VIP room to get another beverage, which will increase dance sales. Another example of this would be adding a mix of counter-height dining tables to a stage area so customers have a space to order food and tip simultaneously.

For more information, visit or call (813) 443-8509.

Chameleon Chair

Chameleon Chairs LLC was formed in January 2005 and concurrently acquired an existing inventory and patent pending for the Chameleon Chair system. The opportunity to provide over 1,500 chairs for the 2005 Academy Awards Governors Ball was the company’s initial foray into the chair business. The company does business as the “Chameleon Chair Collection” and designs, manufactures, sells and rents its proprietary products.

Chameleon seating, with its unique and elegant silhouette, sexy tapered legs and attention to detail, is easily recognized and coveted by today’s foremost designers, event planners and venues. Chameleon chairs always make a statement, featuring a plush cushion, ergonomic design, interchangeable fabric coverings, and luxurious presentation.

The Chameleon Chair Collection ensures its chairs are not only artfully created but versatile as well. Their seating can be used as designed or dressed with one of their many custom-tailored covers.

Chameleon’s wardrobe is featured in an array of colors and textures, appealing to the chic and sophisticated as well as those with a more casual or whimsical flair.

The company operates out of its headquarters, showroom, sales office and warehouse in Los Angeles.

For more information, visit or call (310) 787-9200.

Gasser Chair

Gasser Chair Company is a manufacturer of high-quality seating for international hospitality and casino venues. Based in Youngstown, Ohio, Gasser Chair has operated as a family-owned and managed business since brothers Louis, Roger and George Gasser founded the company in 1946.

Today, George Gasser’s two eldest sons continue to lead a dedicated team of highly skilled and talented employees to produce fine quality, built-to-order seating, beginning with a sharp focus on design and engineering, through all aspects of the manufacturing process.

Each Gasser chair is handcrafted in the USA of the finest quality components with accepted manufacturing procedures. The extensive line of Gasser seating is stylish, durable, comfortable and function-specific for all hospitality and institutional needs.

For more information, visit or call (800) 323-2234.

Holland Bar Stool Co.

The Holland Bar Stool Company’s logo “Kiss of Quality” stands for the pride they take in their products and services. It is a constant reminder that nothing but the best will do. From the raw parts to the finished product, their utmost attention is focused on detail to ensure that our products will please the customer.

Holland Bar Stool Company is based in Holland, Michigan, where they manufacture and ship their products. Their merchandise is constructed from Red Appalachian Oak or solid hardwood maple for the wood products, and high-quality plating grade steel for metal products. Their metal stools have an oven baked powder-coat finish that is extremely durable and long lasting, while their wood is finished with the finest catalyzed lacquer in the industry.

Holland offers a variety of sizes: 18″ chairs, 24″ counter stools, 30″ and 36″ bar stools, a number of finishes for both wood and metal products, and a huge assortment of upholstery options. They offer custom heights, custom wood finishes, and can also supply to you, free of charge, custom literature for your showroom.

For more information, visit or call (800) 423-1903.

Dance pole companies

Answers courtesy of Spencer Hochberg

ED: Tell us about your company and your dance poles: What separates them from other dance poles?
HOCHBERG: PoleFX was founded in 2017 as the culmination of years of experience creating LED art and custom tech experiences for large brands and artists. We’re a small team obsessed with infusing a sense of wonder into everyday experiences, first by transforming dance poles into pieces of digital art.

A PoleFX pole is not your average LED pole. It’s a performance partner, a vibe-setter, a centerpiece. Does it light up? Sure. But it does so much more than just light up! With our purpose-designed pattern collection and interactive control modes, PoleFX poles transform the stage and amplify any venue’s production value.

New for 2022, our second-generation control system provides more tools for DJs to easily control the pole, including a web app providing customizable control over colors, patterns, text display and more from a phone or other device connected to the network.

ED: What type of feedback have you gotten from dancers/entertainers/pole athletes who have used your dance poles?
HOCHBERG: We receive overwhelmingly positive feedback, especially from those creating social media content. One of our favorite messages we’ve received from a dancer read “I love your product! Thank you for helping to give me my favorite photo of myself ever…it gave me so much confidence and joy!”

Whether being the focus of a studio photo shoot or part of a daily routine, dancers are ecstatic to create and share unique moments with our poles.

ED: What are the most important factors in safely installing dance poles in gentlemen’s clubs, whether they’re on a main stage or satellite stage?
HOCHBERG: To withstand the rigors of every day club use (and to avoid becoming an accidental viral star), we recommend a rigidly bolted setup rather than anything relying on friction. It’s important to remember that a pole is only as sturdy as the supports it’s attached to, so be sure to mount the top bearing to a secure beam or stage truss. PoleFX’s top supported poles are fully inserted into an industrial bearing, so as long as that bearing is mounted securely, the pole isn’t going anywhere.

Free-standing poles are often ideal for clubs with high ceilings or those who want a more flexible portable setup. Since these poles are not supported at the top, the primary concern is to prevent the stage from moving or tipping by either adding weights to the base or bolting it to the floor. PoleFX is releasing free-standing LED poles early in 2022.

ED: If a club owner/operator is hesitant to upgrade their dance pole(s), what would you tell them? How can a new pole enhance the club experience for entertainers and guests?
HOCHBERG: Advancements in LED technologies over the last decade have unlocked opportunities to push the boundaries of entertainment venue design. In a club, the pole is the perfect focal point to take advantage of this superpower and our poles allow you to craft much more dynamic and interactive environments that your guests will be sure to appreciate. Swapping a conventional pole for a PoleFX pole will continually inspire the entertainers and keep the audience fixated on the stage.

For more information, visit or email

Flicker Pole
Answers courtesy of Jamie Glasner

ED: Tell us about your company and your dance poles: What separates them from other dance poles?
GLASNER: We invented the most interactive LED dance pole on the market. We are the only company that holds the patent for the LED dance pole. The traditional dance pole being brass, stainless, or chrome is becoming outdated just like the old Nokia flip phones. Now, everyone wants the newest smart phones. The LED dance pole is like the newest smart phone and can actually put on a light show and really make the dancer stand out as well as the club. We designed our poles to be just like the old traditional brass, stainless, and chrome poles. Our bearings are rated for two thousand pounds, the diameter of the poles are 2 inches/50mm as well as having a puck at the base for the dancers to stand on and spin if they don’t know how to do pole tricks.

ED: What type of feedback have you gotten from dancers/entertainers/pole athletes who have used your dance poles?
GLASNER: The clubs who have bought our poles love them and have even converted all their poles to ours. One customer of ours has 13 of our poles in just one club. As the girls practice on the pole they come back to us saying they love it.

ED: What are the most important factors in safely installing dance poles in gentlemen’s clubs, whether they’re on a main stage or satellite stage?
GLASNER: The most important thing is to make sure the top of the pole is secure to a beam in the ceiling as well as a beam on the bottom of the pole under the stage where the pole is mounted.

ED: If a club owner/operator is hesitant to upgrade their dance pole(s), what would you tell them? How can a new pole enhance the club experience for entertainers and guests?
GLASNER: I would ask him if they are running any kind of lights in their club for a light show and 99.9% of the time they are and now you can have a dance pole that puts on a light show as well as showcasing the dancer. We have three different poles to choose from: our standard pole, which we can make into a free-standing spinning pole to remove for private events or parties or a fixed spinning pole that mounts to the floor and ceiling. Our newest pole is an interactive high-definition pole that can display custom messages on the go like the girl’s name or any drink specials. The club can also advertise on the pole. If you could have a pole that you can now advertise on, puts on a light show, as well as showcase a dancer then I believe you would want one. Just think if your pole could potentially increase alcohol sales — wouldn’t you want one? When your customer comes into the club, what do they do? They’re looking at the girl dancing on the pole.

For more information, visit or email

Spinner Poles
Answers courtesy of Kipp Whailey

ED: What is your best-selling pole? What separates them from other dance poles?WHAILEY: The Heavy Duty Permanent Spinning Pole. It’s the strongest commercial pole on the market.

ED: What type of feedback have you gotten from dancers/entertainers/pole athletes who have used your dance poles?
WHAILEY: They buy more. We started 25 years ago making poles, we invented the double bearing system — since we did it, a lot of people have copied it. We don’t advertise our business, it’s just word of mouth.

We have a hard time keeping up with demand, that’s how many orders we have. But if a strip club calls, they’re getting a pole before everybody else. If you’re a commercial establishment, you want the best there is — not stuff online made of thin plastic or thin metal. Our poles are stainless steel with reinforcement bars inside and all the bases are air-craft aluminum. It’s basically the Mercedes-Benz of poles.

ED: Did you start with that pole or work your way up to it?
WHAILEY: We actually started making the pole after we made poles for one of our clubs and Las Vegas people came down to the club and wanted to buy them but they weren’t for sale. That’s how the whole thing started, I started selling to all the strip clubs.

ED: What are the most important factors in safely installing dance poles in gentlemen’s clubs, whether they’re on a main stage or satellite stage?
WHAILEY: Our poles are pretty much completed, all you have to do is put two holes in the floor and some bolts in the ceiling. That’s it. The main thing is to have it level when it’s installed. It’s about a 10-minute project. All our poles are custom — we make our poles to size. If you call and say ‘I need a 16-foot pole,’ we make it. They’re not laying around the shop, we actually make each pole for each club. We cut it to whatever size the client needs, we balance the poles — we have a balancing machine which balances and straightens the pole completely.

ED: If a club owner/operator is hesitant to upgrade their dance pole(s), what would you tell them? How can a new pole enhance the club experience for entertainers and guests?
WHAILEY: The presentation of our poles is unbelievable. There are all kinds of different things people make themselves, which is good, but you know you have a professional pole when you get our pole. It just looks good. The working part of it is the double ball bearing systems put into the bases for the ceiling and floor and what that does is we have a reinforced bar so it’s totally straight when people spin on it. It’s smooth.

You can jump on a spinning pole and after a couple of turns, it’ll stop. If you jump on our pole, it will not stop until you get off. You can sit up there for 10 minutes, it will not stop spinning — it’s so perfectly balanced that the body weight spins the pole. That’s due to its balance and bearing systems.

For more information, visit or call (941) 457-7077.

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