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(Note: This story appears in the March 2021 issue of ED Magazine)

Pandemic or no, keeping entertainers, staff and patrons safe is a club’s top priority. Security products like radios, wands, metal detectors and touch-free ID scanners remain go-to solutions for clubs. In this Special Focus, we’re highlighting the products and companies that provide these critical products and services.
Panasonic TOUGHBOOK N1 scanner & IRT2 temperature reader

Improve security and guest experience by scanning IDs at point-of-entry. Quickly and conveniently ensure your bar or nightclub is kept safe from previously banned patrons.

Their ID scanning solutions allow you to categorize banned persons to be alerted as soon as they attempt to reenter. Free up bouncers’ time by simply scanning IDs and being instantly alerted if the patron is underage.

ID Scan also offers a completely contactless temperature scanner to ensure all patrons are within a healthy temperature range before entering—this is offered standalone or as a part of an ID-scanning and visitor-management solution.

Prevent problems before they happen by keeping banned patrons out. Patron data can be shared across multiple entrances and locations in realtime—if someone is banned from one location or entrance all other staff will instantly be alerted if they attempt to enter. Records are timestamped and are easily accessed to help prevent chargebacks and other fraudulent activity. For more information, visit

BallistiSCAN walk-through metal detector

The team at Ballistiglass has a MAD-dening solution to deter crime: BallistiSCAN, which detects metal objects and weapons with its Magnetic Anomaly Detector (MAD) sensors. BallistiSCAN is designed to be installed in standard barrier poles and does its work unnoticed as it utilizes advanced signal processing algorithms while inspecting. As the walk through metal detector does this, its Digital Signal Processor (DSP) filters out many kinds of magnetic noise that normally cause standard metal detectors to deliver a false positive. BallistiSCAN works by detecting the movement of iron objects that move between the two sensors. Most people remain unaware they’re passing through a metal detector system. BallistiSCAN runs on an included laptop PC, featuring easy-to-use software that allows you to set and save a desired threshold for detecting metal objects. Because the software plots the signal strength in real-time, setting the threshold to detect different threats is easy. For more information, visit

Peak PTT
Peak PTT-84G two-way radios

Peak PTT provides two-way IP based radios that boast instant, always on talk, with nationwide coverage. Unlike standard two-way radios, Peak PTT leverages wireless networks that give their radios a very long range of coverage.

The Peak PTT 4G LTE radio ushers in the next era of PTT radios harnessing cellular power. The PT-84G boasts a color display housed in a rugged exterior and enables secure communication to groups and/or individual users—all with the push of a button. This radio also features PC Dispatch Control software, for simple voice dispatching, GPS tracking with route playback, user location view, and call message history. For more information, visit

Patriot One Technologies
PATSCAN multi-sensor threat detection

Patriot One Technologies is the entity behind the PATSCAN Multi-Sensor Covert Threat Detection Platform to prevent tragedies. Club owners can post weapons restrictions knowing full well they have the resources to enforce compliance. Patriot One Technologies’s motto is Deter, Detect and Defend and the PATSCAN platform follows that moniker to a tee.

For the detection of unauthorized guns and knives, inapropriate behaviour or even health risks, Patriot One Technologies follows a tactical approach that gives you Fort Knox-like protection without the fortress-like aesthetics. For more information, visit

Klein Electronics
Two-way club radios

Klein Electronics has been servicing your communication requests since 1991, ranging from two-way radios and accessories to push-to-talk devices to all your charging needs.

As technology advances, so too can the learning curve for increasingly nuanced products. But fear not! The consistent team at Klein Electronics is loaded with experience, with several key people on board for nearly two decades. For more information, visit

289g weatherproof radio

RadioBoss two-way radios provides sales, rentals, and service of premium wireless staff communication radios. They offer free on-site trials and can match an existing radio system you already have. Shipping is free on any $600-plus orders. Their specialties include two-way radios, low-profile earpieces, headsets, shoulder mics, PA systems (radio-enabled), base stations, repeaters, etc. They also carry photo/video recording flashlights for security, currency and coin counters as well as counterfeit detectors.

Club staff need to be able to reach each other in a moment’s notice from outside the door to the office to the floor. Staff can perform their tasks more efficiently and run a better business as they are able to focus on their particular function while alerting each other to any potential security risks or emergencies. Radios pay for themselves through increased efficiency considering they have a one-time purchase cost and no monthly fees. Replacement parts and service are inexpensive compared to the competition. For more information, visit

Nightclub Security Consultants
Security staff training

Robert Smith has riveted many EXPO audiences with his real-life stories and engaging delivery surrounding his experience as a San Diego police officer. It was that profession that opened his eyes to how preventable many episodes of escalation are.

As the president of Nightclub Security Consultants, Smith has worked to ensure clubs can receive proper training to de-escalate certain situations and protect themselves, other employees, guests, the liquor license and other challenges your club may face.

As the company’s website states, “Protecting patrons, employees and above all your business is our number one priority and we have the experience, the knowledge and the ability to help you do just that!” For more information, visit

Black Diamond Radio 
Black Diamond CE420 radios

Proclaiming to never leave you with an auto attendant, Black Diamond Radio (formerly Custom Earpiece) started in 2002 and has been a mainstay in this publication’s pages.  The company was started with—and maintains—a dedication to quality custom-molded products and a commitment to customer service (see auto attendant claim).

Black Diamond Radio learned customer service was essential in the field of two-way radios and communication and saw their subsequent growth. As a leading manufacturer of two-ray radio products, Black Diamond Radio brings you quality, innovation, comfort,and  ease of use.

Black Diamond Radio’s CE420 packs a portable punch at a fair price and has been a staple in nightclubs for years. The CE420 features: UHF business band, four-watt power, a lithium ion battery, light weight, narrow band compliant and sound quality. For more information, visit

VLocker North America
Lockers for dressing rooms

VLocker carries more than two decades of experience with everything lockers, including their design, manufacture, and install. After this much time refining their craft, VLocker has also delved into customizable locker solutions—all built to withstand whatever your environs can hurl its way.

They boast that they are “the experts in the locker business,” so whether it’s for your staff or guests, assigned or rented, consider investing in general piece of mind with the experts at VLocker. For more information, visit

360 Life Safety
Rapid response kits

360 Life Safety was conceived by professionals in search of a better way to protect people, including by ending Active Shooter Events (ASEs). 360 Life Safety now provides security solutions for various environments, including adult nightclubs.

360 Life Safety is a Michigan-based business offering customizable and scalable security solutions designed to eliminate redundancies and ensure maximum uptime. 360 Life Safety has developed a proprietary Rapid Response System that can teach members of your staff how to act quickly, work alongside local law enforcement and first responders, and defend your facility. Should a traumatic event happen, your staff will be able to immediately address a security breach and protect those in danger. For more information, visit

Proscreen 500 security screening

Metrasens is a leading provider of advanced magnetic detection technologies. Their products are designed to address deficiencies in conventional screening methods, and as such, their core technologies are applicable to a wide-ranging spectrum of practices.

Their Proscreen 500 is a boon to security screening. Utilizing magnetic technology, it looks for magnetic signature versus metal mass so it hones in on restricted items. Proscreen 500 can also connect directly to your video surveillance or other security systems. For more information, visit

XCP Corp
Payment security

Accept all forms of payment to load up a Lap Dance Timer Payment VendaCard. The VendaCard is interted into the lap dance VendaCard timer terminal to start the timed lap dance. Entertainers retain the receipt tickets printed out from the VendCard ATM and cash them out at the end of the evening.

Secure every facet of your club—from your guests, to your entertainers, to your profits—with XCP Corp’s adult entertainment payment system. For more information, visit


Canine security

Man’s best friend may have something to say about where you’re investing your security budget. Entrust the trainers, handlers and—yes, canines!—at 3DK9 to deliver reliable security services. Both their dogs and handlers undergo high-quality police K9 training. Whether your scenario involves one-on-one interactions or large crowded venues, all of 3DK9’s dogs are well-mannered, environmentally aware and focused.

3DK9’s most common dog security services include but are not limited to: narcotic detection services, explosive detection services, canine protection services, and contraband detection services. For more information, visit

Stanchion IR controller

Lytepost is the luminary product you need to corral a crowd—and that time will come again! Lytepost infuses color and light into normally unremarkable stanchions to enhance the customer experience before guests have even step foot inside your club.

In addition to placating sometimes-ornery crowds, Lytepost stanchions can simultaneously step up your branding.

As the unsung heroes of red carpet and VIP events, Lytepost stanchions double as a subconscious layer of security and a crafty vehicle for your advertisements.  for your guests to maximize in their revelry. For more information, visit

Evolv Technology
AI detection

Branding itself as a leader in human security, Evolv started out of what their founders deemed was a growing necessity to initiate a paradigm shift where security is involved. But this had to be done without compromising the visitor experience.

Evolv believes it has done this by fusing the latest sensors and AI technology to consistently and reliably scan every visitor without the hassle and the gaps presented by older or obsolete metal detector technology.

In the past two years, Evolv Technology has screened more than 50 million people in establishments from stadiums to hospitals to entertainment venues like yours. For more information, visit

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