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(Note: This story appears in the March 2022 issue of ED Magazine)

Lighting sets the mood for your club, whether it’s the exterior lighting that adds “curb appeal” or the interior lighting that flatters your entertainers. Upgrading your club’s lighting is a bright idea, and that’s why we’re featuring the top lighting and signage companies in this Special Focus!

Get your light show cooking with Barchefs
LED signage

(All answers provided by Barchefs’ William Lakatos)

Barchefs specializes in custom LED dance stages, tables, and bars.  Our unique style of light design is what has made us famous. Everything is made in house and is fabricated from the ground up using our own state-of-the-art machines and in-house design formulas. Our top three most popular items would be light up stages, LED gaming desks, and our LED games in general.

Over the last decade, I have developed a simple rule of thumb I call the eye-line spectrum. The rule states simply that objects straight ahead and directly in line of site should be the least noticeable, with flashier bright lights falling to the outside of the spectrum. In other words, put the fancy stuff slightly up, down, left, or right. Also, use lighting to call out points of sale in your establishment. That’s smart business.

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It’s an all-go with ALL BULBS
Lighting equipment

(Answer provided by ALL BULBS’s Lori Mehrkens)

ALL BULBS is a wholesale distributor to the entertainment industry specializing in: stage, studio, mover light lamps, LED Stage Lighting, professional stage lighting, hanging hardware, ACL and par lamps, live tour – theatrical – film – photography lighting, plasma mounts, fog haze snow, effects lighting, rosco gel, string lights, blacklight, AV, BARCO Cores and other projection cores, cinema xenon & digital projection lamps, LED, Powercon – cable extensions, Hubbell and expendables.

ALL BULBS sells name-brand lamps and lighting equipment only. We quote every brand of lighting equipment and stage lighting of quality sold in the US. Just email for a quote. ALL BULBS prices for Lamps, Hardware, Lighting & Expendables for Stage are the lowest in the industry.

We also feature a monthly website sale ( ALL BULBS ship from New York City, Orlando, Chicago, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

ALL BULBS also has a referral program — call to inquire. If anyone beats our website price by even a dollar, call us, we will do better!

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X-Laser scores an A+
Laser lightshow projectors

(All answers provided by X-Laser’s Louis Schiavone)

X-Laser manufacturers high-powered laser lightshow projectors for clubs, venues, concerts, and other creative installations. The company boasts that they’re the largest U.S.-based manufacturer of fully compliant and easy-to-use professional laser light show projectors.

Lasers are easier to use than ever, and are actually quite affordable. For around $2,000, a club or company can have a full laser light show projector setup that will do a great job of creating beam shows and signage/neon-style projections onto walls. This brings many opportunities for indoor digital signage that looks totally unique and opens the door for attention-grabbing announcements, sponsorship packages, or just to add a super special ambiance and vibe to your club. Whether controlled from a computer, lighting console or smartphone, laser systems offer looks that other lighting fixtures simply can’t.

Our most popular product is the LaserCube. It’s a really cool wireless projector that we collaborated with internationally recognized company Wicked Lasers to bring it stateside. It’s a powerful, portable, and easy-to-use laser system designed for a variety of users and settings. Users can create stunning laser shows in minutes using the free LaserOS software running on any PC, Mac, Android or iOS device (with some limitations). For the adult nightclub industry, the LaserCube is simply the easiest complete package to bring the unmatched vibrancy of laser shows to any venue.

One of the most common mistakes that laser users make when trying to make a laser beam show visible in the air is neglecting to use atmospheric material e.g. fog or haze so that the beams can appear in the air. Another mistake, and potentially a dangerous one, that inexperienced or neglectful laser users do is to project beams directly into a crowd or project off of reflective surfaces like mirror balls, chrome poles or other highly reflective surfaces. Laser beams can cause damage to human eyes and camera sensors, so operators must set up their shows to project away (typically above) humans and dance stages and project into non-reflective surfaces.

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Remove lighting guesswork with AVLInnovations
Stage, sound & lighting systems integrator

Audio Video Lighting Innovations Inc. is a full-service custom integration firm based in Miami. AVLI specializes in the design and integration of high-performance systems that are properly executed to exceed their clients’ expectations around the world. They are committed to providing full support during the design and integration process as well as training and maintenance of their advanced systems. Their world-class integration products are also available from their experienced sales team for purchase.

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All Sound Stage Systems check!
Stage, sound & lighting systems integrator

Sound Stage Systems can completely transform the ambiance of any nightclub, restaurant, bar, or adult club with state-of-the-art sound, lighting and video systems. We are the proud creators of some of the most popular and successful entertainment venues in the country. Sound Stage Systems offers audiovisual system design, installation and service nationwide.

Sound Stage Systems has also produced the Gentlemen’s Club EXPO mainstage and is a regular exhibitor at the tradeshow.

For more information, please call (1-800) 299-9956 or visit

Lights Alive can bring a club back from the dead
Show lighting

(Answer provided by Lights Alive’s Ron Musgrave)

Lights Alive is a company that designs and manufactures their products in the United States. We build great products, but our service and support is even better. Since we design this equipment, we know it inside-out. We can assist with ideas of how to implement it in the club. We can help with technical matters, such as connection to the club’s audio system. Or we can provide stand-alone audio systems if you prefer. Our equipment comes with a three-year warranty. Nothing is disposable. We do component-level repairs in the rare event that there is a problem. We build products for commercial use and they virtually never fail. We have equipment out in the field that is 12-plus years old and still works like new. We’re large enough to be the experts in our field, yet small enough to offer personal support to our customers.

Our most popular product is our FireFly FF-351 lightning simulator. Imagine a feature entertainer walks on stage and all of the sudden there is a loud burst of thunder and realistic-looking lightning on the stage to introduce her. Connected to a quality sound system, customers will feel the thunder. The lightning effect is very convincing as well, using lights we build specifically for this purpose. You could have continuous lightning and thunder throughout a specific song. Or you can trigger a short burst of thunder with a pushbutton, radio remote control or by using a large range of other triggers and sensors. A DJ could push a button or a button could be concealed on stage for a dancer to activate.

A gentleman’s club is a visual effect. Our FireFly will enhance that effect and I promise people will remember and talk about it … especially if it is choreographed into appropriate songs or acts. Or it could just be used in the introduction of featured performers. Operators would now have a memorable experience that the competition likely doesn’t have — something to make their club stand out above the rest.

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Elation Professional will give your club that pro look 
Show lighting

(Answer provided by Elation Professional’s Larry Beck)

Based in California with facilities in Florida and Mexico City, as well as European offices in The Netherlands, Elation Professional designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of innovative lighting products known for its superior performance, excellent efficiency, and outstanding price-value ratio, all backed by a hard-earned reputation for total support. Elation also offers an advanced line of lighting control products through Obsidian Control Systems, as well as a full range of dependable specialty effects called Magmatic.

LED pixel tape’s flexibility as an easy-to-use, versatile and inexpensive dynamic light source make it an indispensable element in any lighting toolbox. Elation is pleased to offer two new rugged outdoor-rated LED pixel tape solutions useful for color, effect and decorative touches in a variety of applications: the Pixel Tape 16IP and Pixel Tape 40IP. These are flexible, IP65-rated LED pixel tape featuring RGB SMD tri-color LED pixels. Capable of producing over 1 billion color possibilities, they spread light at a 120-degree viewing angle and are surface coated with an IP65-rated conformal coating for safe use in any type of weather or environmental condition while also protecting the LEDs for indoor applications.

Each is constructed using a rugged UV-protected silicone casing, offering a thin yet robust, low-profile and flexible design with a bright yet low heat output. Both the Pixel Tape 16IP and Pixel Tape 40IP use industry standard 4-pin XLR connectors for power/control input and are ideal low-maintenance, low energy solutions to integrate into stage scenic elements, accentuate outdoor architecture or customize lighting on any event. Easy to install and setup, they are cost-effective solutions for simple color washing, effects and pixel mapping possibilities, allowing designers to put light anywhere needed.

Various mounting channels and diffused cover options are available to customize to any setting.

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Forget red tape, consider LightTape
LED lighting

LightTape employs a completely different technology to traditional LEDs. It’s comprised of a distinctive and patent-protected form of electroluminescent (EL) technology and exists in the form of low-profile lightweight panels and strips that seamlessly and evenly illuminate from edge to edge. Compared to alternative EL tecnologies, nothing comes close to the quality of LighTape. They use only the best materials to deliver amazing performance with a completely unique manufacturing process that delivers a lamp built to last and able to withstand the toughest applications.

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Take your club to the stars courtesy of NASA Searchlights
Laser lightshow projectors

(Answer provided by NASA Searchlights’ Jerry Wayne)

When we entered the searchlight advertising business in 1983, a typical searchlight weighed several thousand pounds and required a trailer or truck to transport. Gone are the days when a giant trailer with a noisy energy-hog generator took up a valuable parking space at your club. Those of us that have been around for a while remember something called a “Bag Phone.” It was a large cell phone that required an exterior battery, and you needed a bag to carry it around, but they quickly became antiquated when smaller pocket-sized smart phones were developed weighing ounces.

Just as cell phone technology has advanced from the bulky bag phones to ounces our electronic hi-definition searchlights are smarter, more powerful, brighter and lighter with a weight of only 112 pounds, not thousands of pounds. Better yet, they don’t require special wiring or a generator as they operate via a standard 120-volt outlet drawing less than 10-amps.

Searchlights have been used as an advertising medium for decades. It is one of the most effective media to create instant awareness that not only something special is going on but also lets your customer know you are open for business.

Much like the smart phones of today…the model HD-1 hi-definition electronic searchlights we manufacture are compact in size, but immensely powerful. electronic hi-definition searchlights are light enough to be placed on the rooftop of commercial buildings. They don’t require an operator because an automatic on/off timer comes with them.

Our model HD-1 rotates a true 360-degrees producing a beam that is visible for miles. Our model HD-1 is manufactured in San Antonio and is approved for outdoor use having met ETL standards for wet operation outdoors.

With the introduction of our electronic searchlights priced at less than $15,000, it is wise to purchase your own as it costs less than $1 per hour operating costs versus the typical rental rate of $100-plus an hour rental.

A searchlight beam sweeping the sky is akin to a miles long billboard and says, “we are open for business now”. With 38-plus years’ experience in the lighting design industry, NASA also offers an additional way to dress up your club’s exterior using LED color washing. Our building color washing is an effective exterior lighting that not only creates/increases curb appeal but also attracts potential customers. A dimly lit club could be failing to attract customers — your premises need rethinking.

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Phantom (Dynamics) of the club
Laser lightshow projectors

(All answers provided by Phantom Dynamics’ John Arnaut)

Phantom Dynamics has been in business for over 17 years supplying products and services for nightclubs, DJs, bars and bands as well as special effect projects with many high-end companies. Moving head lighting and laser projector fixtures are lighting fixtures that are mounted on a motorized yoke system that gives the light the ability to move around in almost any direction. These moving head light fixtures are mostly used in nightclubs over the dance floor, concerts for dramatic lighting effects or theaters for stage lighting.

Designing nightclubs, theaters or any type of stage or high end venue to impress your clients can be a challenge. Over the years Phantom Dynamics has helped many business and companies with solutions for their projects by consulting, planning and designing solutions for our clients very quickly and with out breaking the bank. From nightclub lighting, LED stage lighting and laser lighting package systems to extensive theatrical stage and show lighting equipment, we can design the right atmosphere and theme for your venue. With clients ranging from Disney, Apple, Golfsmith to names like NASA and US Military, building the perfect special effect lighting system is what we are all about. Phantom Dynamics offers consulting and design on a case by case basis and we are available to visit the construction sites and go over designs and installation solutions for clients from all over the US.

When deciding to own a new gentlemen’s club or to redesign an existing building, you might not know what to expect or what the next step might be. Your choices are to either find a existing building in a suitable location, or to do a new complete build out. In either case you will need to consider what type of customer base you will be targeting and what kind of venue and age group. Also location will be very important — if you choose an existing building it will be mostly a remodel, if you choose a to build a new building, then everything will have to be designed from the ground up.

Using a existing building has some advantages: it’s already built, it is probably in a pretty good location and you already have some sort of layout to work with. If you are going to use an existing building, the lighting and sound are one of the last applications to be installed.

If you decide to build a new building, then it is definitely a good idea to have the designers involved from the start to work with the architect, builders and everyone involved to make the design and install as smooth as possible; however beware of a few pitfalls common with a new build, such as going over budget or delayed timelines.

Another big issue with designing a new build-out is waiting to the last minute to order the equipment. The best advice it to order and receive the lights and sound systems and as soon as possible have the equipment stored in a secure location so it can be stored and inspected for any damages, shortages and or any wrong product that might have shipped. This way you already have everything you need for the install, it all looks good and anything damaged or sent erroneously can be replaced in a timely manner.

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