(Note: This story appears in the November 2021 issue of ED Magazine)

Whether it’s your liquor inventory, your staff, your entertainers or your profits, there are several industry companies that can help you keep an accurate track of these critical areas of club operation. This Special Editorial Focus includes products that help track everything that’s important to your success.

Dancer/Dance Tracking

Pole Position

Pole Position is an easy-to-use, app-based platform, designed specifically for the adult club industry. Pole Position allows clubs and dancers to connect with each other. Its technology is designed to elevate the industry in the gig economy and helps show that entrepreneurial dancers are truly in business for themselves. Pole Position can help reinforce the status of entertainers in your club as independent contractors and provide many other management tools — not to mention entertainers also love the app.

Pole Position is not a point-of-sale (POS) system, it is software that connects independent contractors/entertainers with clubs and also provides tools to help show entertainers are really independent contractors. However, we believe integrating Pole Position’s software along with whatever POS system a club is using is a great compliment and can optimize the app’s benefits. The connection between the app and a club’s POS system expedites the flow of entertainers.

Pole Position was created with a focus on bringing much-needed tools to the industry. In addition to tools for Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) defense, we are continuously adding features and technology that otherwise have not existed and are proud to be at the forefront of technology in this industry. Pole Position can complement any club’s POS system and provide significant benefits with minimal change.

For more information, email caressa@poleposition.app or visit poleposition.app. — Caressa Carter


ChargeSavvy offers dance tracking where operators can manage the availability of entertainers while simplifying rental fees, lease fees and commission payouts.

Our entertainer contracts provide seamless integration of entertainers into a live club environment. Owners/managers can onboard new entertainers with the club’s own contract, track expiration dates for contracts and any form of ID.

Further, our systems facilitate promoter payments and reporting. You can customize, print and redeem your own form of funny money/dance dollars.

For more information, call (708) 272-8170 or visit chargesavvy.com. — Heather Vines

Strip Codes

Strip Codes is an application that bridges the gap between customers, entertainers and guests’ favorite strip clubs by not only helping locate clubs on the go but also helping to create a safe, effective way for customers and entertainers to communicate. The app also provides direct access to the inside of participating clubs.

Membership with Strip Codes allows customers to see entertainers while they are performing at any club in the country. If they choose to follow a particular entertainer, they can get a direct notification once she arrives to work. The app does not track dancers’ activity.

Strip Codes helps promote clubs directly to a target market. By displaying dancers profiles, the app also allows clubs to cross promote.

For more information, call (702) 723-2088 or visit stripcodes.com. — Anthony Watson

Payroll Companies

Dominion Payroll

Dominion Payroll (DP) offers payroll, HR, timekeeping, and pre-employment solutions to meet all of your business needs. We have offices all over the country and service all 50 states. Our dedication to customer service has helped DP grow to thousands of clients ranging in size from 1-2,500 employees. Our wealth of experience has helped those clients manage the business of employment.

Our cloud-based workforce management solution integrates payroll, human resources, time & attendance, workers comp reporting and the general ledger into one easily manageable system from which you can run your club with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Our payroll software is robust enough to scale to your club, whether you have 10 employees or 5,000. We can process your company’s payroll, file all federal, state and local taxes and supply quarterly and end-of-year reports including W-2’s and 1099s.

With our Same-Day Payroll and Biometrix Clocks, we can streamline all time tracking throughout the club.

Besides our time tracking, we can also do general ledger reporting, HR and we also have an applicant tracking program to hire talent. We also have a worker’s comp partner that works with many of our club clients.

A lot of clubs are currently on leasing companies — we have a worker’s comp partner that helps save money on the comp while at the same time saving money by not paying admin fees or a percentage of payroll fess through a leasing company.

For more information, call (813) 386-2837 or visit dominionpayroll.com. — Melanie Breuer

Liquor Control/Pour Systems

Bar Man Control

Bar Man Control was conceived by gentlemen’s club pioneer David “Slim” Baucom and his son, Walter, as a Swiss-Army-type software system for the everyday challenges unique to this industry’s club owners and operators.

Bar Man Control is, in part, all of these things: POS, inventory program, CRM, entertainer tracking software, HR manager, club cash print-on- demand — and more. The Bar Man point-of-sale module is designed specifically with your employee in mind — the one who may have little experience, whom you’ve had to throw onto the floor on a Friday night without the comprehensive training that takes place in that idyllic strip club in the sky.

Bar Man Control offers an integrated scan- and-weigh system designed to be performed at every workstation, after every shift, literally in minutes. The reason is accountability; by pinpointing your variance in real time, you’re able to hold your bartenders financially or professionally accountable for mistakes, and/or deter them from making the same ones going forward.

Admissions details, variance & cost analyses, entertainer earnings, performance summaries, hourly or time period reports, menu item mixes, revenue reports by employee, station, shift, date, range, property or organization … it’s all a few clicks away.

For more information, call (704) 926-1504 or visit barmancontrol.com. — Eugenio Torrens

Berg Company

Berg Liquor Controls is a leader in liquor control systems, paced by more than 50 years of experience. Berg offers a complete line of liquor controls for liquor, beer, wine and other beverages for a wide range of applications.

Berg Infinity Software is capable of complete tracking of inventory by brand, providing an actual pouring cost including the variance report while also providing inventory control at the point of pour. Berg is a real- time, proactive control of not only your inventory but it can also interface with your POS system (including tablet solutions) to provide positive cash control as well. Weighing and after-close inventory systems only inform you of missing inventory — and the severity — after the fact.

Berg’s infinity reports can distinguish by bartender station the cash versus inventory actually poured and the dollars that are missing (by comparing to POS data).

Berg DN All Bottle ID Cocktailing provides consistent drinks by recipe every time no matter what bartender pours the drink. The Berg system controls up to five liquors per cocktail, offering infinite combinations. Regular drinks (rum and coke) are controlled by the four-portion sizes available to the bartender and as they are poured they ring the POS in accordance with the value of the amount poured.

Berg will slash actual club purchases from 20-60% and increase register activity by 10% or more — less over-pouring, less waste and more money in the register.

For more information, call (608) 221-4281 or visit bergliquorcontrols.com. — Terence J. Black

POS Systems


GoBig Entertainment, Solutions and Technology, or GoBEST, is a one-stop-shop for operators in the hospitality and nightlife industry, concentrating in the areas of design, audiovisual solutions, marketing, food & beverage, web optimization, cybersecurity, entertainment coordination, hospitality training, POS, back-end controls and more.

GoBEST can help you navigate the competitive and often confusing world of point-of-sale systems, assist you in identifying the best fit for your business and budget, and consult with you on the optimal configuration that best reflects your unique operation. Maximize ease of use while getting the most detailed analytics available to make educated decisions about how to move your business forward.

The complexities of running a business today require operators to wear many hats and become experts in everything, including law, compliance, bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, data management and more. Let our GoBEST specialists, backed by our unparalleled network of strategic partners, lighten that burden by suggesting a customized suite of back-office software, strategies and solutions, and get you and your team back to doing what you do best.

“We have a phenomenal team with 20-plus years of experience each behind them, in multiple cities and multiple locations,” says GoBEST’s President and founder, Jason Mohney. “So using the brainpan of this group is pretty substantial and fantastic for organizing and helping clubs along.

For more information, call (866) 258-8055, visit GoBestBiz.com, or email adia@gobestbiz.com.


ChargeSavvy was built specifically to streamline club management while reducing risk by supporting unique operational setups. We offer specialized reporting, internal banking support, scrip printing and redemption, entertainer and HR document management, and the ability to respond to chargebacks at the touch of a button simplifying back-office functions and allowing owners/managers to focus on the customer-facing side of their business.

Our cloud-based, full-service POS was developed through collaboration with the gentlemen’s club industry throughout the past eight years. Additional features include:

• EMV-compliant processing even for open tabs and pre-authorizations
• Tableside and VIP room checkout
• No tip limit
• Robust reporting

Whether it’s through our established POS system, our renown and constantly evolving chargeback protection, or the strides we’re making into the digitization of money (think tokenization, blockchain, QR code payments, digital wallets, etc.), ChargeSavvy is here to help you and the industry at large.

For more information, call (708) 272-8170 or visit chargesavvy.com. — Heather Vines

Club Control Systems

Club Control Systems (CCS) has long been an active vendor associated with gentlemen’s clubs. It was designed from day one with flexibility in mind. They have learned from talking with all the different clubs that although, in general, they do the same things to earn revenue, they each have their own little unique differences in accomplishing it. One size does not fit all and the team at CCS decided they wanted to be the company that supports how a club wants to operate and not how they want it to operate. CCS doesn’t have a standard software package, rather they configure each of the individual solutions on their platform to clients’ needs: POS solution; entertainer management solution (dance tracking, VIP room tracking, kiosk entertainer purchases, non-kiosk entertainer purchases); front door sales; employee time clock process; consolidated reporting across all individual solutions; and back office reporting.

CCS stresses the importance of a single platform solution. They’ve witnessed club managers, night after night, going through their closeout process, which involved taking and combining information from many different independent manual and IT processes. Besides the fact that there is opportunity for data entry mistakes, as well as nefarious activity, it took time to do it and it delayed their closeout of the day with waitresses, bartenders, front door people, and entertainers. Plus, they need all the data summarized and compiled so that it could be sent off to the owner or headquarters. Since CCS has all the data from all the individual processes on one platform, they already have all the data in one place and can organize data any way the club wants it (viewable screen or report) to make their closeout and HQ reporting requirements far more efficient.

For more information, call (888) 698-4905 or visit clubcontrolsys.com. — Eugenio Torrens


eConnect is a technology company that develops intelligent software solutions for the gaming & hospitality industries. The software helps operators identify opportunities that impact profitability, guest service and business reputation.

eConnect’s artificial intelligence raises operational awareness by alerting team
members about mission-critical situations. Their POSConnect solution integrates with your existing POS system to listen to every transactional keystroke made on every POS terminal. Their Behavioral Intelligence Engine analyzes this data for suspicious activity. Employees who deviate from statistical norms are flagged from the system for review. When synchronized with video, operators can quickly identify if there are procedural errors or if theft is occurring.

With the combined knowledge gained from POS transactional information analysis and video surveillance, POSConnect can quickly detect internal employee theft and use a state-of-the-art Behavioral Intelligence Engine to proactively determine which employees are operating outside the trend of the rest of their peers, thus providing actionable information.

The system is able to work with all major POS systems and surveillance equipment, meaning you can integrate POSConnect with your existing system and start enacting reliable POS theft prevention strategies before employee theft threatens your bottom line.

For more information, call (702) 523-8786 or visit econnectglobal.com. — Eugenio Torrens


2TouchPOS has developed software specifically to help you thrive! The team at 2TouchPOS knows in order to do that, you need a fast and easy way to process customer transactions.
Not knowing which POS system can leave you frustrated and overwhelmed. 2TouchPOS believes it shouldn’t be so hard to choose a system. For more than 20 years, they’ve worked with industry veterans to develop software for their clients, ranging from the local bar to leading bar management groups.

For more information, call (866) 227-8682 or visit 2touchpos.com. — Eugenio Torrens

Filler Up Financial Services

Filler Up Financial provides everything required to accept payments and provide real-time financial metrics to keep your business running as expected.

Filler Up provides you a simple, fast, and affordable system to accept credit and debit cards for your business. Signing up is fast and free–with no commitments, contracts, or monthly fees. Filler Up offers a complete and affordable in-person payment solution for any business. Easily accept contactless payments in-store, on the go, or online.

For more information, call (702) 358-1584 or visit fillerupfinancial.com. — Eugenio Torrens

Meridian Star POS

Meridian Star POS offers several integrations with liquor pouring systems and inventory that can keep track of ounces and spills. We also have integration of dance dollar and tracking of dancers, as well as an integration with Reportware which uses Secure Dance Dollars, we can also set up a hash item that does not affect sales to keep track of dance dollars

Our system makes it easy and safe for bartenders to take transactions, alerts managers when a void occurred or if a bartender has canceled a sale, and it can also alert managers when an expensive bottle wine was sold via text message. Our system also enables auto email reports to owners and managers so they don’t have to run reports themselves.

We can customize the entire screen according to what managers/ owners request.

We integrate with all major payroll and accounting companies along with online platforms for takeout and delivery services.

Meridian Star POS has been partnering with bars, nightclubs and
adult nightclubs since our 1st of the 15 years we have been in business. To date we have assisted and partnered with over 1000 clubs. Clubs should consider calling us for their POS needs not only because we provide the latest in hardware and software but our 24/7 bilingual technical support can tackle any issue. We understand how important support is in the nightlife industry so we strive to provide non-stop support.

For more information, call (239) 248-3688 or visit mstarpos.com. — Alan Weitz

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