(Note: This story appears in the January 2021 issue of ED Magazine)

Until COVID is completely in our rearview mirror, the more “touchless solutions” you can utilize the better it will be for you, your staff, entertainers and guests. Here, we highlight anything and everything that’s truly touchless, including solutions for restrooms, payment processing and more!

Cannon Industrial Products will have your customers doing The Wave
Cannon Industrial Products was founded in Nashville in 1997. A year and a half ago, John Brizzolara bought the company and has expanded it to a global level.

“With the current situation and the product we offer, demand is through the roof,” said Brizzolara in the cover story of the May issue of ED Magazine.

When considering who or where to turn to when looking for cleaning products, take the word of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which has certified Cannon’s products—meaning the company’s standards have government approval.

The Wave Urinal Screen is perfect for clubs’ restrooms, sites of high traffic and high germ potential. Five times more fragrant and lasting for two months, the Wave Urinal releases billions of optimized bacteria that consume odors and keep drains clean and clear. The double-sided design makes installation a breeze, eliminates splash back, cuts cleaning time and reduces labor costs.

For more information, visit cannonindustrialproducts.com, email johnbrizz@cannonindustrialproducts.com, or call (615) 391-4046.

Wrangle COVID with Club Control Systems
A majority of Club Control Systems clients use Genmega Inc., which is a worldwide ATM and kiosk manufacturer that has introduced a patent-pending UV Light sanitizing solution for keypads that will help fight the spread of infectious disease and reassure users the machine they are using is safe.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ATM and financial kiosks industries’ need to provide a safe user experience, Genmega developed Vscan, a unique Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP) sanitizing solution that kills up to 99% of viruses and bacteria automatically, in a single pass.

“From the moment we realized the magnitude of the crisis facing the industry, Genmega worked tirelessly to create a solution that would reassure consumers of the safety of ATMs and kiosks,” says Wes Dunn, Genmega executive vice president of sales and marketing. “We did the research, worked with various agencies to ensure effectiveness as well as consumer safety, and created a cost-effective product that will benefit the industry for years to come.”

Ten seconds after each transaction, Vscan automatically disinfects the surface of the keypad that users touch to help mitigate the spread of viruses and bacteria. Using an array of UV-C lights through a process that does not expose users to the light, Vscan sterilizes the keypad. Vscan also protects users from moving parts via a torque-sensitive mechanism that stops and restarts the process if any interruption or blockage occurs.

Complimentary software updates will further reduce risk to users by allowing them to conduct the entire transaction using only the keypad, eliminating the need for users to touch other buttons that are not automatically sanitized.

For more information, visit clubcontrolsys.com or call (888) 698-4905.

Pay it forward with Nationwide Payment Services
Nationwide Payment Systems Inc. (NPS) was founded in 2001 and services more than 1000 merchants in the South Florida area and across the United States. Nationwide Payment Systems works with merchants of all sizes in a variety of industries.

Their work with several front-end processors enables them to work with just about any hardware, software and business type.

Presently, NPS is working with clubs on paying at the table, which reduces interpersonal contact, thereby reducing possible transmission of contagions.

“It’s stuff we’ve always had, do people take advantage of it? Some do,” says Allen Kopelman, CEO of NPS. “The most popular thing with all the clubs is, they don’t like Apple Pay and Google Pay, but I think it’s an educational thing. Is the market penetration as big as you hear? No, that’s for sure. We see it, but taking a terminal to the table is a big deal. A lot of places want to do that.”

He has noticed businesses, not just clubs, switching to cash discounts to cut out credit card fees they would normally have to swallow, “simply because they need to cut an expense.”

In addition to their work with constantly improving, newer methods of payment, NPS also provides ATMs, a full-scale POS system; offers full printing for banners, outdoor signage, one-time-use menus; does credit card processing; and is finalizing a wallet-type app for patrons.

“Every business is going to end up with some kind of mobile payment solution at some point in time,” says Kopelman, “and that’s going to cause for higher adoption of payment wallets to start appearing in the market.”

For more information, visit npsbank.com.

Inspect guests safely with IDScan.net
The TOUGHBOOK N1 Handheld Scanner allows for touchless ID scanning—the ID never has to change hands in order to be scanned. Track visitors, manage access, and enforce protocols and compliance using IDScan.net’s powerful mobile visitor management software paired with the TOUGHBOOK N1. This solution allows for touch-free ID validation and enrollment into the cloud-based visitor management solution. Built to withstand a six-foot drop or a downpour, the N1 Scanner will help you maintain social distance standards and is an ideal choice for unrelenting conditions—including those introduced by COVID-19.

IDScan.net is a leading developer of identity verification and information gathering technologies that has created enhanced environments and experiences for more than 6,000 clients including IBM, Shell, AMC Theaters, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Dave & Busters and more.

For more information, visit IDScan.net, call (888) 430-8936, or email info@IDScan.net.

ChargeSavvy Zoom-ing to your club
ChargeSavvy Web is a new division of ChargeSavvy that will focus on e-commerce for the adult industry. Through a joint venture with WebSavvy, an independent web hosting and design studio, ChargeSavvy Web will now be offering credit card processing for online use in a variety of different ways (pre-sale bottle packages, VIP Room pre-sales, and more).

Their first product offering is called VideoSavvy and will bring online functionality to VIP Rooms for the gentlemen’s club industry. ChargeSavvy Web recognizes the accelerated shift in online presence due to COVID and is taking advantage of those opportunities.

VideoSavvy gives clubs the opportunity, at minimal cost, to create a new revenue stream and gives entertainers the opportunity to make more money for everyone.

For more information, visit chargesavvy.com, call (708) 272-8170, or email support@chargesavvy.com.

Waterless No Touch urinals are no problem
Fun fact, a urinal is used three times more than a toilet in a restroom. Established in 1991 with the purpose of bringing the world one of the most water-conserving urinal fixtures. Waterless Co. Inc., had held true to that premise by offering the most simple and most cost effective waterless urinals on the world market. No-Touch Waterless urinals are an easy addition to every facility restroom and improve restroom hygiene and indoor air quality.

Presently, the company is offering different discounts for bulk buys, from 1-12, 13-25, 26-50, 51-100-plus units.

“In regards to sanitation, as our waterless urinals do not have to be touched by the user, transmission from flush handles is eliminated,” says founder and CEO Klaus Reichardt. “In addition, as there is no flush, the typical bacteria laden air droplets are eliminated. Furthermore, dry surfaces inhibit bacteria growth.”

Installation of the urinal itself is like a flushed urinal body, to a standard 2” drainline via gasket—routine plumber work. Installation is done by a facility in-house plumber or contracted plumber. Waterless does not install the urinals.

He points to cost savings generated from reduced maintenance, such as flush handle repairs, vandalism and minimal or no water/sewer charges.

“By now, with the average cost of water and sewer across the country per 1,000 gallons being around $9.00, in some cases as high as $32 and $36 per 1000 gallons (Atlanta and Baltimore region), ROI’s on the urinals are usually under two years, or in Atlanta, simply months. As our urinals start at only $248, it makes absolute sense to install for cost-saving reasons as well as hygiene.”

For more information, visit waterless.com, call (800) 244-6364, or email info@waterless.com.

Ride into the SafeZone
Crystal Art Gallery (CAG) is a major consumer products company that has been around for 30 years and sells to major big-box retailers, Walmart, Kroger, Home Depot.

CAG designs, sources, displays, warehouses, and distributes products at its 250,000 square foot Los Angeles facility and 75,000 square feet in Mexico. The company has a distinct freight cost advantage and has an ocean freight arrangement that provides the fastest delivery time from China to the U.S.

“When COVID hit, a lot of our retailers were looking for PPE, so we were one of the first companies to get into it because we have offices in China,” says Michael Malm of SafeZone, which has been importing infrared, touchless thermometers and protective masks, including one set where the masks come individually sealed for guest distribution.

Despite being a creation of the COVID pandemic, SafeZone is here to stay—especially because it shares CAG’s resources.

“It’s not going to go away,” says Malm of SafeZone. “All of our product is from approved, white-list factories that have government backing.”

For more information, visit safezonefacemasks.com.

Ready, set … Care!
Boasting 14 brands and more than 3,000 products, ReadyCare have been in business for over 30 years as a leading provider of personal care amenities, supplies, and private label solutions.

They are experts at custom private label solutions and have certified master printers on staff, a team of innovative designers and more than $2 million invested in custom silk-screen technology.

“We have an amazing art team that can make businesses logo’s look amazing on items,” says Stephanie Doud, ReadyCare’s business development manager. “Sometimes people don’t realize the impact and the perception that guests get when they see logo’ed items. It can take a business to the next level of sophistication.”

“Masks, gloves, and all of these PPE items aren’t pretty or elegant but they do give people piece of mind,” she continues.

ReadyCare has even brought in a Tahitian Lime scent of their hand sanitizer that has been very popular, sold in gallon sizes so that clients are able to re-fill their bottles and stay well stocked.

“Many business don’t realize how much hand sanitizer they are going to go through, we always advise to purchase more than you think you need because you will be surprised how frequently it is used,” says Doud. “This would be a nice touch for adding to tables, in the bathrooms, entrance and exits to clubs,” says Doud. “Also, going with the 1 oz. is a nice giveaway that can be given to guests when they enter or exit. We are able to fill with hand sanitizers and other liquids, like soap or lotion.”

She pointed out how handwashing stations have gone up over casino floors and may be something that pop up in other industries/businesses.

“I think both handwashing stations and dispensers are great options,” says Doud. “If a facility is able to add portable handwashing stations that is a great addition as people are very conscious of their health both for themselves and others. The hand washing station gives the guests a nice perception of cleanliness and that is what people are looking for. If hand washing stations are not able to be added, overly putting out hand sanitizer also gives guests the feeling of cleanliness and security that they are going to stay healthy.”

For more information, visit readycare.com.

Don’t be average when it comes to COVID cleanliness, Excel
For more than 50 years, Excel Dryer has manufactured the finest American-made hand dryers. They created the high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryer category with the XLERATOR — the world’s number one selling hand dryer — and they continue to set the standard in the industry. Go green and save green with their state-of-the-art product line.

High-speed, energy efficient commercial hand dryers are Excel Dryer’s specialty. Facilities around the world use their products to create clean, modern restrooms that set the standard for sustainability and efficiency. With these new enhanced features, the most options and complete line of accessories in the industry, you can design the best hand drying solution for any restroom environment. Their hand dryers can be customized to match the design of your restroom or to display corporate branding, environmental or marketing messaging. Excel Dryer is proud to offer near-limitless design options—the most in the industry.

For more information, visit exceldryer.com, call (888) 959-1778, or email sales@exceldryer.com.

See the future through a Richtech lens
Fast and accurate, the Automated AI Temperature Screening System (AATSS) is your business’s fastest and least intrusive way to protect your customers and employees against infectious diseases like COVID-19. Utilizing an advanced and unique near-infrared sensory array and AI-driven facial recognition technology, the AATSS samples multiple points on a person’s face to provide extremely reliable temperature readings (within ± 0.5 ºF) in just 2-3 seconds. Designed as an all-in-one solution for the purpose of ensuring safer working environments during a pandemic, the AATSS provides protection to yourself, your employees, and your customers from potentially deadly infections.

Richtech System is committed to providing machine vision solutions to customers on a global scale. They have more than 16 years of experience serving clients in more than 120 countries/territories around the globe. They use their cutting edge patented technologies such as machine vision, motion tracking, multi-touch display systems, VR/AR, and thermal imaging to provide clients with effective technical solutions wherever they may be. US clients include IBM, SAMSUNG, Burger King, government organizations and more.

For more information, visit richtech-ai.com, call (866) 742-4797, or email info@richtechsystem.com.


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