It’s one of the biggest stories to hit the strip club industry in decades, as one of its own — feature entertainer, adult film star and former ED’s Entertainer of the Year nominee Stormy Daniels — finds herself as a front-page headline following the reveal of her alleged affair with Donald Trump.

Name a news outlet — TV show, magazine, newspaper, website — and you’ve seen her name and photo on it several times in the past weeks. But that’s what happens when it’s revealed that you had an alleged affair with the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, and were subsequently bribed to keep the affair a secret. Stormy Daniels has had her brushes with fame through the course of her near two-decade career in the adult nightclub and adult film industries. She explored the idea of running for the U.S. Senate in 2009 to represent her home state of Louisiana, which garnered her a great deal of mainstream attention. In 2005, she appeared as herself in a “dream sequence” for main character Andy (Steve Carell) in the now-classic comedy flick “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.”

Now, she’s been one of the top headline across virtually every media platform. In late January, the Wall Street Journal reported that a lawyer (reportedly Michael Cohen) representing Donald Trump offered to pay Stormy $130,000 to keep their affair (circa 2006) a secret—an offer which was made during Trump’s run to the presidency in October 2016. This revelation came from interviews Stormy had done back in 2016 with the popular online magazine Slate and its editor-in-chief Jacob Wiesberg. Part of the draft “settlement” (aka bribe) pact was published by Slate.

Of course, as a popular adult entertainer with a long history as a touring feature entertainer, adult nightclub owners have jumped at the opportunity to book Stormy Daniels at their clubs for what’s been dubbed the “Making America Horny Again” Tour. The tour’s first stop was on Saturday, January 20, at the Trophy Club in Greenville, SC, a club owned by industry veteran Jay Levy.  The club, not surprisingly, was packed to the walls with customers and media from around the world.

“I’m an old grandfather, and I seized an opportunity,” said Jay Levy, the owner of the Trophy Club, to the Washington Post. “I’m a liberal. I’m a big-time liberal. . . . I’m not here for the scandal. I’m here to make money off the biggest name in adult entertainment this week. Next week it’s liable to be someone else.”

As the Post article goes on to say, Levy saw Daniels in the Wall Street Journal and tried to catch lightning in a bottle. He called her agency, and within an hour the deal was done. It was the “biggest promotional coup” in Levy’s 22 years running the club, which he views as a family business.

The next club to capitalize on Stormy’s current fame was Little Darlings in Las Vegas, where she “appeared” (though did not dance) on Saturday, January 27, while the AVN show was in Vegas. She then moved on to Thee Dollhouse in Tampa, where a packed house greeted her on the weekend of February 16-17. Where will she be appearing next? Maybe at your club!

On January 30th, directly following President Trump’s State of the Union Address, Stormy was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live (the show was filmed prior to the televised address). Earlier that day, a statement claiming to be from Stormy came forth and refuted allegations of an affair with Trump. But on Kimmel’s show, Stormy clearly implied that the statement included a forged signature.

“It does not look like my signature,” she told Kimmel. He then asked where she thought the letter had come from. “I do not know where it came from,” she said. “It came from the internet.”  – Story by Dave Manack
Photos by madcreativity


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