One of the most in-demand customer experience and marketing keynote speakers and consultants in the world today, David Avrin delivers profound wisdom to clients and audiences around the world. With a surprisingly relatable, conversational and very entertaining style, David delivers profoundly insightful and hard-hitting content to business audiences across a broad range of industries and categories. At the 20/21 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO (May 23-26, InterContinental Hotel, Miami), David Avrin will be bringing this renowned expertise to his Keynote Address, which will touch on the convention’s theme of preparing your club for the future.

“Your competition today isn’t other gentlemen’s clubs, it’s not even the internet,” says Avrin. “It’s being the best choice for what to do with your friends on a Friday night! It’s Top Golf, or bowling, or nightclubs, sports or even staying home with Netflix.”

Motivational speaker and author, David Avrin
Motivational speaker and author, David Avrin

David Avrin is the author of the celebrated marketing books, It’s Not Who You Know It’s Who Knows You! and Visibility Marketing! His latest Customer Experience book: Why Customers Leave (and How to Win Them Back) was named by Forbes as “One of the 7 Business Books Entrepreneurs Need to Read.”

A former CEO group leader and executive coach with the world’s largest chief executive organization, David has worked with thousands of CEOs and business leaders on their business brand, customer experience and competitive advantages.

His message and timely lessons on creating, delivering and promoting competitive advantages have been enthusiastically received by audiences in Singapore, Bangkok, Antwerp, Buenos Aires, Sri Lanka, Brisbane, Johannesburg, Manila, Bangalore, Rotterdam, Glasgow, Abu Dhabi, Bogota, Monte Carlo, Melbourne, London, Barcelona and Dubai. And now, Miami, for the Gentlemen’s Club EXPO (Note: Avrin was previously scheduled to speak at EXPO 2020 in Las Vegas, and has since confirmed as the Keynote Speaker for Miami in 2021).

“After consulting with David, I was thoroughly impressed with the research that he had already done in regard to our industry,” says ED Publications’ Associate Publisher Dave Manack. “David promises a Keynote Address specifically tailored for EXPO attendees, including specific advice that club operators can use to help their clubs understand how they can remain competitive — and profitable — now, and in the years to come, especially in the COVID world we all must contend with.”

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