Social media experts Jenna Gross and Adella will provide key advice on managing and getting the most out of your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

When you want to tell guests and entertainers that your club is open again, or announce a new club promotion or special event, there’s one place everyone turns — to social media, of course! For many gentlemen’s clubs, social media has replaced their need for a website. Two social media avenues — Facebook and Instagram — have become crucial marketing platforms. But how do you know you’re getting the most out of both? And what specific strategies should you be implementing right now in order to effectively promote your club and actually bring in more customers? Our social media experts — Jenna Gross of Moving Targets and Adella from Forward Approach Marketing — will offer specific training tips for your club’s social media marketing, with a concentration on Facebook and Instagram. It’s time to put social media marketing to work for your club, and our experts will tell you how!

Jenna Gross

Gross, for example, will discuss how even though “posts” and “stories” may seem interchangeable terms in social media jargon, the latter is surging on Facebook.

“They’re a good engagement tool,” Gross says about stories, which are user-generated photo or video collections that are uploaded to a user’s Facebook account and disappear after 24 hours. “Videos are always very popular. User-generated content is always good.”


Adella points to Instagram’s own analytics as tools gentlemen’s clubs can take advantage of. “This allows you to see stats for your posts, which got the most impressions, likes, engagement, website clicks, profile visits, and follower insights—top locations, age, active days and times,” says Adella.

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