Justice The Pub

Couple quick questions for ED’s 2018 International Showgirl of the Year winner Justice

ED: Thoughts on winning “International Showgirl of the Year”?

Justice: I’m so grateful and honoured to have won this year, even more so because I got to celebrate it with all the people that I love. 

ED: How did you get your intro to gentlemen’s clubs?

Justice: I was a shooter girl in a small boarder city and would do the amateur nights. 

ED: You’ve been an exotic dancer for more than a decade, so how have you seen the industry change or evolve over that time?

Justice: Wow, where do I begin? I don’t know what it was like in the states years ago, but up here in Canada there were lots of clubs. Many of which booked features, Now there are only a handful and the bookings are few and far in between. The demand for quality shows and costumes have decreased and the demand to sell private dances has increased ten fold. Not to mention some clubs enforcing mandatory quotas and floor time (even for features). Club cuts keep getting higher while the Entertainers pocket less and less not just for vip dances but for their show prices as well. The era of the Canadian Feature is nearly extinct.

ED: What’s your most memorable exotic dancing performance?

Justice The PubJustice: When the wrestlers from WWE came to my club and tipped me $14G in 2 days, so many $5 bills I couldn’t dance and both times I lied down and made money angels.

ED: What’s the most striking difference between performing in Canada and the U.S.? Be it in the crowd, etiquette, tastes?

Justice: In some places in Canada you toss coins at the dancers. The girls create a kinds of carnival games, you toss the $1 or $2 coin  (loonies or toonie) into her poster rolled up into a cone shape or a decorative jug or shot glass to wine a prize, like a poster or magnet of her. 

ED: What is the best and worst pick up line that you have heard while working in a club?

Worst = let me take you away from all this.
Best = how would you like to be my very rich future ex wife

How To Book This Entertainer

A List Features - 727-367-1001 | VISIT SITE
Centerfold Strips - 877-427-8747 | VISIT SITE
Continental Agency - 727-363-7100 | VISIT SITE
Sinsational Features - 570-371-1515 | VISIT SITE

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