In this era of streaming everything, the consumption of television has changed to a more personalized touch. Streaming providers such as Amazon, Netflix and Hulu tailor the viewing experience based on a number of factors.

But despite the changes in how the masses consume television, live sporting events — especially pay-per-view (PPV) events — still command a premium.

That’s where Nicolas Gagliardi steps in, as the president of the aptly named company, G&G Closed Circuit Events LLC. As you may have guessed, the “G” stands for Gagliardi. G&G Closed Circuit Events buys distribution rights to various events, most notably boxing, mixed martial arts (MMA) bouts and bare-knuckle fighting, and sells the ability to watch the events at various establishments including adult nightclubs.

G&G Closed Circuit Events' booth at the Expo
G&G Closed Circuit Events’ booth at the Expo

It’s a fairly simple process to acquire and then distribute the rights. Nicolas will contact a promoter, and the terms of national rights/distribution will be negotiated. Once the rights are locked up, then it’s a matter of pushing the fight or event through marketing, advertising and sales.

But G&G’s role in helping to create a successful pay-per-view event for the clubs doesn’t end with purchasing the rights to show a boxing or MMA fight. G&G offers promotional artwork for clubs, including table tents, posters and downloadable graphics (such as the one seen on this issue’s front cover) to assist with pre-event promotion. After all, a great club event only happens when your customers know about it well in advance.

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“We work with owners to give them ideas, as far as how to promote the pay-per-view,” says Gagliardi. “For example, clubs can charge extra for fight night, or have a VIP package where a patron can get a few free drinks or VIP seating. We work with them on a marketing standpoint to draw the most people in.” had the opportunity to speak further with Nick Gagliardi, in conjunction with and our monthly Spotify series. Don’t miss Gagliardi’s personalized Spotify playlist right here!

ED: What have been some of G&G’s most popular pay-per-view events over the past couple of years? Which events coming up in the next few months should club owners have their eyes on?

Nick Gagliardi: We have distributed fights such as Canelo vs. Chavez Jr., Canelo vs. GGG I &II, Joshua vs. Ruiz I & II in the last couple of years. We have been working with the streaming service DAZBN and distributing their events. 2020 we will have a tremendous amount of great fights for the owners to show at their clubs.

ED: G&G has worked with ED Magazine and the Expo for several years. What has your experience been like with the Expo? What do you look forward to most about attending?

NG: It has been amazing working with ED Publications. Our company really enjoys the Expo. At the Expo we get to connect with long time customers, but also get to introduce who we are and what we have to offer to new club owners.

ED: Obviously G&G works with pay-per-view events, but what is your favorite sport outside of the pay-per-view realm? What are your favorite teams?

NG: I am a huge baseball fan, since I was a little kid. My favorite teams are the NY Yankees, Chicago Bulls, Bears and Blackhawks.

Nick Gagliardi at Expo
Nick Gagliardi at Expo

ED: These profile stories are written in conjunction with (our newsletter and website supporter). Hypothetically speaking, if you were to visit a gentlemen’s club, what music or artists would you like to hear in that environment?

NG: Depends on the dancer and how her act is. The ladies pick out what music really moves them and I really can appreciate that. I would say some metal, R&B, rock.

ED: If you had a chance to see any musician in concert (whether they’re alive today or not), which would you pick and why?

NG: That is a tough one for sure. I would have to say Jimmy Hendrix and The Doors. Hendrix was a generation ahead with his lyrics and guitar playing. His music was in another stratosphere. The Doors represented the rebel movement against authority and their lyrical content really made you think about what they had to say.

ED: What are some of your favorite bands? If you were getting ready for a night out, what songs or musicians would put you in the mood for a great time?

NG: Some of my favorite bands or artists are Slayer, Run DMC, Tool, Korn, Wu-Tang Clan, Stone Temple Pilots, The Eagles, Dean Martin and Townes Van Zandt. As far as a night out, depending on my mood, I would say A Tribe Called Quest, Bob Marley or Frank Sinatra.

Here’s more about Nick Gagliardi!

Where were you born/raised? I was born in Los Gatos, CA and raised in San Jose, CA
Favorite recording artist: Hard to pick one!
Favorite industry pro: Too many great people to name just one!
Favorite part of EXPO: Interacting with people that come by our booth.
Favorite part of your job: Being able to interact with people from coast to coast.
Work pet peeve: People’s inability to be dedicated.
Advice for fellow industry pros: Be straight forward with people, that way you always know where you stand.

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