(Note: This story appears in the May 2022 issue of ED Magazine)

In September 2021, industry veteran Jason Mohney announced the formation of
Go BEST!, an unprecedented, all-in-one resource for the hospitality and nightlife sectors. As this cover story will detail, Go BEST! provides decades of expertise in the areas of purchasing, cybersecurity, digital marketing, SEO, operations and more. For every adult nightclub big or small that has issues or problems it can’t solve, Mohney and his diverse team at Go BEST! can provide the solution.

Cover and story photography by Ralph James

On the eve of his 48th birthday, ED Magazine spoke with industry veteran Jason Mohney, founder of Go BEST!, who reflected on the challenges of launching this new endeavor, the birth of his daughter, and his goal to revolutionize the industry by creating the only internationally and racially diverse, female-led, employee-owned company serving adult entertainment on the planet.

ED: For those who still don’t know, what is Go BEST!, what does it stand for, and what inspired you to create it?

Jason Mohney

MOHNEY: Go BEST! is an acronym that stands for Go Big Entertainment, Solutions and Technology, which I think does a good job of encapsulating what we do. It’s a hugely ambitious undertaking that was born of a necessity, I felt, to fill a gap in the industry. Because of the experience our diverse team of specialists brings to the table, we are in the unique position to offer so much, especially in terms of buying power — a small, single-unit operator can have the same purchasing muscle as a huge national chain. We also concentrate on areas like cybersecurity — once one of us becomes a target, we are all a target.

ED: You’ve characterized Go BEST! as diverse — from an international, gender and race standpoint. Who are some of the driving forces of the company?

MOHNEY: James Randall, our web designer and SEO wizard, is an Inuit from Alaska who works everywhere from the Ukraine to Dubai, and Uli Roberson, our social media strategist, was raised in Germany, so these marketing experts draw inspiration from around the globe to stay ahead of the curve. JC Pomerleau, our French-Canadian technology guru, heads up our IT and cybersecurity team, offering everything from POS support to networking and cyberattack prevention. (Don’t miss him on this year’s security seminar at the EXPO!)

Adia Foster, a USC graduate from Kansas, used her previous experience in manufacturing and distribution to create Go Best Bundles, our online purchasing platform, and to close national deals with companies like Nuco, Tork, Oilomatic and Kimberly-Clark, for the benefit of clubs everywhere.

‘Queen of the South,’ Ann Kesler, a member of the French Quarter Business League and multiple business and security committees in New Orleans, has a lifetime of experience in the hospitality industry and a unique take on both creativity and controls when it comes to all things beverage.

And Kelly Skillen, who’s had her own consulting business for the last several years, chose to lend her operational expertise and fresh ideas to our one-of-a-kind solutions company.

“I thought it was important to partner with alpha females to show the world what a great team of women can accomplish. Our industry is built around women, and women have a different perspective when it comes to business, marketing and operations. That’s a huge competitive advantage.” — Jason Mohney

ED: It’s been over six months since Go BEST! was conceived and introduced to the industry. What have been the greatest challenges and/or surprises to date?

MOHNEY: Hands down, the reluctance of the industry to understand and embrace the huge savings and advantages of working together on issues that impact everyone. For every savvy operator who gets it, there are three who are resistant to the benefit of all the groundwork we do to identify the best products, services and technologies.

ED: You’ve characterized Go BEST! as female led. Did you set out to hire women in leadership roles, and if so, why?

MOHNEY: I have four sisters, four nieces, an amazing mom who’s been a strong influence in my life, Dawn–my love, and the mother of my children, who grew from a factory worker to the President of an international licensing company–and now my daughter, Aaliyah. I thought it was important to partner with alpha females to show the world what a great team of women can accomplish. Our industry is built around women, and women have a different perspective when it comes to business, marketing and operations. That’s a huge competitive advantage.

ED: You recently had a daughter. Has that changed your outlook on Go BEST! and/or the adult industry?

MOHNEY: Not necessarily, because I’ve always viewed the adult industry as a place where women could feel empowered, pay their tuition, support their families, or pursue their dreams. Our clubs have always strived to celebrate women. With Go BEST! I wanted to help create something my daughter would one day be proud to call her own.

ED: What inspired you to structure Go BEST! as an employee-owned opportunity?

MOHNEY: I wanted it to be about them, not about me. We achieve more with teamwork, and the collaboration of such different points of view, than any single individual could. So the ownership of our organization is reflective of that. We’re improving the industry one smart person at a time!

For more information, visit gobestbiz.com, call (866) 258-8055 or email Elevate@GoBestBiz.com. Don’t forget to check out the stories on Go BEST! team members Adia Foster and Kelly Skillen

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