Waylon Reavis is many things, including the frontman for A Killer’s Confession (AKC).

One thing he is not? A video editor.

Nonetheless, the metal vocalist was tasked with putting together the video for the band’s latest single “Last Chance” because of quarantine restrictions due to COVID-19.

“It was just like anything else except they were no band members present,” said Reavis, who has also put in time with Mushroomhead, Tenafly Viper, 3 Quarters Dead. “So, I told the guys to just film on their phones playing the song and I took it and put it into an editing program and put it together the best I could.”

On behalf of StripJointsMusic.com, ED Magazine spoke with Revis about quarantine life, the video’s original plan and AKC’s new single “Last Chance.”

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ED: How did your work with Mushroomhead, Tenafly Viper, and 3 Quarters Dead prep you for A Killer’s Confession?

Waylon Reavis

REAVIS: Everything led up to what I’m doing in AKC now. Every step in my career has been a learning process so I must give credit where credit is due. I have learned a little from every band I have been in.

ED: What was the toughest thing about shooting the video for “Last Chance” while social distancing?

REAVIS: The most difficult part of the last chance video was the editing being that I have very little experience editing videos.

ED: How did you originally meet up with Justin Bontiz with TALLAH? Can you talk about that relationship — the YouTube description cites him as an old friend.

REAVIS: I met Justin on A Killer’s Confession tour in the summer of 2018. We became very close friends and have stuck by each other. We became so close in fact he is a guest singer on my new album, “The Indifference of Good Men.”

ED: When you’re cooped up, do you find more ideas flowing forth? How do you prevent creative fatigue?

REAVIS: It doesn’t matter if I’m cooped up or not my ideas are always flowing all day every day. I prevent creative fatigue by eating healthy and keeping my mind at ease at all times.

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ED: Did you already have a plan for the video if the pandemic hadn’t struck? If so, how did the final release compare to what you guys had in mind before COVID struck?

REAVIS: We had a plan for the video where we needed to fly out to Texas and use a team out there. It was going to be an entire band video with a movie like structure behind it. So when Covid struck we had no choice but to film ourselves and create something.

I cannot wait to get out and tour. That is the one thing that is missing in my life the most.— Waylon Reavis

ED: How excited are you to tour again? Are you still set to resume at the end of July?

REAVIS: I cannot wait to get out and tour. That is the one thing that is missing in my life the most. As of now I am not sure of what is going to happen in July but we are definitely on for October with Combichrist and King 810.

ED: StripJoints services DJs at gentlemen’s clubs nationwide, so in your own words, why is “Last Chance” a good choice to play at a gentlemen’s club? What would your reaction be if you went to a gentlemen’s club and “Last Chance” was playing?

REAVIS: Hell f#%*ing yeah! Slide over, I’m spinning on the pole!

Check out “Last Chance” and more on stripjointsmusic.com.

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