Spotlight, glitz and glam take center stage in Nebula’s heart!

With my journey into adult stage performance and entertainment, I’ve built a loyal following in both neo-burlesque and burning man communities across North America. In Vancouver, I began showcasing my LED and fire-spinning talents at local events. Needing an outlet for my quickly growing love of theatrical costumes and passion for live performance, I struck out into the showgirl and exotic dance circuit still alive and well across western and central Canada. Traveling now across Canada, Europe, the US, and now Australia, I’ve taken home industry titles including “World Showstopper 2020”, “Miss Exotic Petite 2019”, “Miss Erotic Showgirl Entertainer of the Year International 2019.” I’ll be announcing more international adventures with tour dates and competitions on my social media.

What I love about the industry: The spotlight, glitz, and glam will always have a place in my heart, but it’s the community of amazing and supportive coworkers, club owners, agents, and staff that keep me here. It really does feel like a family! We take care of each other and in the end, that’s what’s kept me here and has encouraged me to become who I am today.

What does it mean to be named Miss of the Month:
It’s an absolute honor to be able to join the ranks! There have been so many mind-blowing features listed on! It’s a humbling experience!

How did you get into the industry: At 19, I started attending fetish events in Vancouver and spent a handful of years volunteering and fundraising through the events for the marginalized sex worker communities in our city. Everyone who knows me from that time will tell you that as soon as the spotlight was on the stage for the varying touring performers, my seat was at the top of the dance cages just to get a good view of the shows. I was in a trance of glamour and finesse, and luckily for me, was given the opportunity to perform at the smaller events before jumping ship and joining the showgirl circuit in Canada.

Loonie Toss Story Time: The loonie tosses are a regular occurrence through all of Alberta as a province, as well as some of the bordering communities in British Columbia. I can’t say I have any specific stories that ring to mind, but I’ll take rolling loonies at $25/roll over unfolding $1 bills from cooter ball any day!

Go-to quarantine activity: Honestly I haven’t figured this one out yet. I spent two weeks in self-isolation in a tiny, shared apartment in Melbourne, caught the last flight available back into Canada and court-mandated quarantine with my parents, and now I’m waiting for my work wife, Kordella Kosor, to grab me so she can finally move in with me farther into Central Canada and away from the pandemic hotspots. Ask me later once we figure out our rhythm!

I-made-it moment: Sometimes I feel like I’m halfway there when people ask me about my international adventures and contests, or when the local girls ask for advice. I honestly don’t think that feeling will ever manifest as I’m my own worst critic and survive off the mentality that I can always do better.

First US city as an entertainer: My first US contest was at Deja Vu in Vegas with Gracie’s exotic pageant series during the ED Expo last year.  I know, I’m a baby in the cross-border industry!

First US city experience: My first US city to visit was Seattle and I honestly didn’t find it that much different from Vancouver when you consider the arts and festival communities go back and forth a lot.

American misconception about Canadians: The thing I found most annoying was being asked why I don’t sound “Canadian”. The Us accents vary so greatly from Seattle to New York, yet most people expect me to have an accent that’s better associated with the Midwest.

Favorite saying: You can quote me on this: “Shit happens when you party naked.”

Best and worst pickup line:
Best: “Let’s make solid plans” or “Let’s get food”
Worst: Any sort of backhanded attempt at a compliment like “I wish you were a little more ___ but I’d still date you” or “You’re so much better than ___.”

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