Natasha Nova is a Kentucky-born aerialist, showgirl and model. She has been a traveling showgirl for a little over a year and has already made her mark in the adult nightclub industry. Natasha has graced the cover of esteemed magazines all over the U.S. such as Xtreme, Xcitement, Quest, GenTX and Nightmoves. She’s won multiple awards including Exotic Dancer’s 2016 Club Favorite Feature, Nightmoves Best Feature Showgirl, EDI West Showgirl Champion 2016, Miss Xtreme 2016 and is the reigning Stripper Olympics Champion.

She’s eclectic when it comes to her tastes and hobbies. Natasha is a gun enthusiast, acrobat, cosplayer and Sci-fi/comic book nerd. Her tastes tend to reflect in her shows and modeling. When it comes to her shows she spares no expense for production value. Her shows are high energy and include multiple forms of dance and unique use of props. She is extremely passionate about performing and is always working towards the next biggest thing she can bring to her fans.

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