“Trump” was having a good time even without Stormy

The night started off with “Trump” hitting the stage to ask the audience if anyone had seen his baby girl, Miss Stormy Daniels. Miss Daniels had fallen ill and was unable to make her booking so “Trump” (or at least, his doppelganger) was in a slump. He then stumbled upon Naomi Knight and Felicity Jade who had him laughing and smiling in no time. These two sexy vixens performed unforgettable shows that kept the club entertained all night!

Naomi kicked off the evening with a salsa set that spun heads the minute her feet hit the stage. Her high energy performance is what put Trump at ease. Her second act, the candy man set, got everyone in the club pumped up. We all know how hot candy girls are, they remind us of partying at raves and everyone had a blast!

Felicity Jade slowed the pace with a beautiful and delicate Burlesque performance but her second act was far from delicate. Not knowing it was Miss Jade, an old man jumped up on stage, beer in hand, falling all over the place. The bouncers tried to escort him off the stage but then he slowly began stripping right down to a pair of boxers with a strap on hanging out and balls hanging to the floor!

Both ladies ended the night with Naomi doing a water squirting trick, squirting the crowd from the stage. Patrons were soaked and those who dared to come too close got a face full. If you’re not sure what squirting is, it comes from down below. Miss Knight can hit a target from ten feet away, no joke! They also served whipped cream and cookies off of their bodies, it quite a tantalizing buffet. What an epic night! Club Truth Detroit sure knows how to cater to their guests with exciting shows, great dining, beautiful girls, and unique experiences!

Club Truth Detroit
6200 East 8 Mile Road, Detroit, MI 48234, USA

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