Hey there! I’m a small-town girl born and raised in Effingham, Illinois. I started dancing six years ago at a small-town club in Tuscola, Illinois. From there, I hit the road to other clubs to learn more about the industry and experience what if had to offer. Working with different people along the way and the experiences I’ve had, I’ve gained a love for this industry that far exceeded my expectations. I’m a self-taught pole performer and started competing in industry competitions in 2018, and have six titles thus far. I recently signed with Sinsational Features something that I worked for and am so grateful for. I’ve met so many amazing people along this journey and hope to continue to learn and grow as a performer. I’m so thankful for all the support from fans and other entertainers who have become like family to me! Life is what you make it, so make it something you love and are proud of!

10 questions for Miss ExoticDancer.com

What does it mean to be named Miss ExoticDancer.com of the Month?
It’s absolutely amazing and so humbling to be named Miss ExoticDancer.com of the Month. I’m beyond grateful. There are so many amazing performers in this industry, so this means so much.

How’d you get your start as an entertainer?
I have always loved dance and I already had so many friends that were performers. I was nervous but a friend and I started at a club together to support each other. I was always drawn to the beauty and elegance of performers and I felt the need to at least try. I never dreamed it would bring me so far! It has literally become my life.

Who’s been one of your biggest mentors in the industry? What’s one of the most memorable lessons you’ve learned?
I have so many women I look up to and who have helped me on this journey but my biggest mentor has by far been Cynthia Tazer. We have become so close over the last few years and have taught each other so much. One of the most memorable lessons I’ve learned from her is to be consistent and never give up. Even if things go wrong or get hard to continue to push through. She is such a strong woman with a powerful presence. I couldn’t ask for a better mentor or friend in this industry. She has truly been my biggest motivator and supporter.

Most memorable performance? Why?

My most memorable performance would be my Arabian Nights of Burlesque a Tribute to Miss Kaliyah performance. I had to come up with a show on short notice that tied into multiple other performances for this absolutely amazing woman. So many people came together in less than 2 weeks from all over, and pulled off an amazing event to honor her. It was so beautiful and I know she would have loved every second of it.

How would you pitch yourself to an interested club? OR How do you separate yourself from other entertainers?
I feel I bring a variety of shows that appeal to more than one audience. I am a very focused, driven person and I pride myself on being professional. I can balance work and play. I’m a very down to earth kind of person and easy to talk to. I think every entertainer brings something different and they are all unique in their own way.

What was your quarantine go-to activity?
Making content for my fan page! Who doesn’t love to get naked and do random different things daily.

Your favorite body part of yourself?

My booty. Miss Nude Hot Buns has by far been my favorite award.

What gets your motor purring?
I’m a major book worm and love my romance novels. They have given me this love for the dark and mysterious. Gorgeous eyes and high-arched eyebrows with a sexy sensual voice will get me going every time. Men with an accent are by far my favorite.

What is your favorite saying?

I think not. Lol.

Best and worst pick-up line:
Best pickup line would be anything unique that supersedes the cliché of “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven.” Be creative.

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