Michelle Lynn is Miss ExoticDancer.com for December 2020…definitely music to our ears!

Originally from Seattle, Michelle Lynn currently resides on the East Coast after bouncing around the US the last 12 years, including a seven-year stint in LA. She loves experiencing new places and new environments—each place offers a learning experience.

“Life is all about taking risks and growing and if 2020 has taught us anything, is that truly anything can happen so we must take the opportunities that are given,” says Lynn.

Performing has always been Lynn’s first love, but off the stage, she enjoys cooking and baking, winning a Guy Fieri competition earlier this year.

She also plays the violin, which she has incorporated into her shows.

Lynn is accompanied by her dog Swayze—inspired by Patrick Swayze—and cat Dafne, both of whom have traveled across the US with her.

“Other than that, I am just a peculiar circus girl that has a love for performing arts, family and animals,” says Lynn, “oh, and we can’t forget Halloween!”

10 questions for Miss ExoticDancer.com

ED: What does it mean to be named Miss ExoticDancer.com of the Month?
LYNN: It’s truly an honor because I get to share this title with a bunch of amazing women and performers and I am happy to be a part of such a talented group!

ED: How’d you get your start as an entertainer?
LYNN: I got my start as a feature back in 2018, I was recovering from a pretty severe injury where I was bedridden for a few months and I honestly just missed going on stage. I have always loved performing, whether it be through theatre or circus and I felt as I was recovering, that I wasn’t finished with the one thing I loved yet and that was the stage. I remember writing about what I would do on stage or take notes on certain songs that I liked to help get me through my injury. It was more of a “look at the glass half full” if you will, and I had the optimism to get back up on stage. During my recovery, I actually Googled “pole dance competitions” and “exotic level pole dance competitions.” Well, an EDI (Exotic Dancer Invitational) video came up in the search that was on YouTube from a 2015 performance. I had no idea what EDI was, but I was captivated by the video, and at that time, had already been in the industry for eight years and thought to myself, “Well, I want to do that.” So, I searched what ED was, found (ED Publications Associate Publisher) Dave Manack’s email, and sent an email to see what the EDI was all about. Fast forward to June of 2018 where I was in my first-ever feature competition, which was the EDI East held at The Manor in West Palm, and it totally opened my eyes to what featuring was all about. I remember I had only a four-and-a-half-minute routine because I thought it was just a pole competition. Oh, it was so much more and I just fell in love and wanted to pursue my dancing career as not just a pole dancer, but a feature dancer; a performer!

ED: Your favorite thing about the industry?
LYNN: My favorite thing about the industry is that I truly believe that anyone can be who they want to be in this industry. I think there is a creative outlet one can flourish on whether it be through music and dance, costume or a simple house girl outfit, or even a name. For example, at my former home club in Pittsburgh, we would do themed parties and I loved them! Sometimes I would do a house set in accordance with the theme and I ALWAYS dressed up as a theme. I just think this industry gives one the opportunity to think outside the box and transform into anything really. Even if it is just for a night! 😊

ED: What’s the most fun you’ve had on your travels performing?
LYNN: The most fun I have had during my travels while performing is competition time! I LOVE the competitions. Yea, it’s nice to win and we are all chasing that crown, but there is an energy backstage where most women are there to lift each other up. Creating and building a show is a lot of work and I have come to find that in all of the chaos—and, yes, sometimes tears—we are there to help one another and say “B** you got this!”

ED: Who is an entertainer you studied coming up?
LYNN: So, there are two: Angela Sommers and Lacey Rain. They both care. They both make time, and they are truly there to help anyone who wants to be a feature. I have learned so much from the both of them and really feel gratitude for all the advice and encouragement they both have given me.

ED: What do you think the sexiest song is to dance to?
LYNN: Man, that is a loaded question, but if I have to pick just one, hands down “Rev. 22-20 (Dry Martini Mix)” by Puscifer. It’s slow, it’s dark, his voice the way he sings that song is sexy, and it just gets me goin’ on stage.

ED: Your favorite body part of yourself?
LYNN: My mouth! I’m Italian and I got a mouth on me!

ED: What gets your motor purring?
LYNN: Anything Halloween! Also, a nice tapered back LOL

ED: What is your favorite saying?
LYNN: “You can’t score unless you shoot!”

ED: Best and worst pick-up line?
LYNN: Best pickup line: “You want to make that a double shot?” Worst pickup line: “How many tattoos do you have and tell me about each and every single one.” *rolls eyes*

List of Titles or Awards:

2018 FDNC Newcomer Grand Champion
2019 PDNC Champion
2019 EDI West 2nd Runner Up
2019 Miss Exotic South Carolina
2019 Miss Exotic United States Newcomer Grand Champion

You can follow Michelle at:
Facebook: Michelle Lynn
Instagram @michelle.lynnx1031
Twitter: @MichelleLynn_31
TikTok: @michelle.lynnx1031
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