RCI Hospitality Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: RICK) today announced that Tootsie’s Cabaret and Scarlett’s Cabaret Miami are the first of RCI’s subsidiaries to accept Bitcoin as payment. Guests can now pay using Bitcoin wallet apps on their mobile phones.

Eric Langan, President and CEO of RCI Hospitality Holdings, Inc., said, “We have watched the rise and broader acceptance of Bitcoin in the marketplace, and the emergence of major, local events, such as the upcoming Bitcoin 2022, the largest conference focused on the cryptocurrency, April 6-9, in Miami Beach.

“We believe now is the time that makes sense for us to begin accepting Bitcoin, which will be converted into cash,” Langan added. “Tootsie’s and Scarlett’s will pilot the program. We expect other subsidiaries to begin accepting Bitcoin in the future.”

Tootsie’s Cabaret Miami is at 150 NW 183rd St, Miami Gardens, FL 33169, (305) 651-5822.
Scarlett’s Cabaret Miami is at 2920 SW 30th Ave, Pembroke Park, FL 33009, (954) 455-8318.

About RCI Hospitality Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: RICK)

With more than 50 units, RCI Hospitality Holdings, Inc., through its subsidiaries, is the country’s leading company in gentlemen’s clubs and sports bars/restaurants. Clubs in New York City, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, Denver, St. Louis, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Louisville, and other markets operate under brand names such as Rick’s Cabaret, XTC, Club Onyx, Vivid Cabaret, Jaguars Club, Tootsie’s Cabaret, and Scarlett’s Cabaret. Sports bars/restaurants operate under the brand name Bombshells Restaurant & Bar.

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