When you hear the name Angela Sommers, many descriptive words come to mind such as: creative, kind, beautiful, model, and dancer. But, did you know that she has a couple of cats who rule her house as well as a snake she belly dances with?

Angela’s cats are Lucy and Chip. Lucy has been with Angela for some time now and is approaching 13 years old. Chip met Angela at an adoption clinic where they bonded so well he was adopted. Angela felt that since Chip was a young kitten, he and Lucy should get along quite well. How wrong she was! The first eight months of having Chip in her home was quite an eye-opener. Chip was a wild man, which Lucy did not approve of at all. Angela mentioned that crazy teenage cats are a great way to see if you are cut out for the stresses of parenthood!

If you live in Southern California or happen to be friends with Angela on Facebook, you may have seen her snake friend, Helio. Like many people, Angela was fascinated by—but afraid of—snakes. When she moved to Southern California she began to venture into the belly dancing community. As she made friends, she was introduced to the pet snakes of fellow performers. She quickly learned that snakes are gentle creatures and certain breeds are a joy to involve in performance. Angela decided to make the leap into snake ownership with Helio when he was eight days old. As she learned to belly dance Helio was raised with other belly dancers so he would be comfortable with people. Once Angela was ready to perform belly dancing Helio was grown up enough to join her. That’s how they became a dance team!

Angela says, “As of this date, Helio is almost three years old and is quite happy with his spoiled performer life. Lucy and Chip have become inseparable, even though I never thought that would happen! Helio and the kitties don’t bother each other at all either. It’s an interesting—and peaceful—relationship in my home. I am grateful for my scaly and fur baby family.”

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