U.S. Feature Entertainer

Lori Lane is from Dayton Ohio and has been dancing for 8yrs and has been a feature for 3 years. She loves Pole Dancing and being on stage performing in front of all the fans

What does it mean to be named Miss ExoticDancer.com of the Month?
It’s Ah-amazing! I’m honored to be chosen for this out of so many other beautiful features to choose from! 

How did you get in the industry? I wanted to learn to pole dance so I became a dancer and as I grew I just knew I wanted to feature! I’m a performer at heart I’ve always loved things like the music costumes and dancing! 

Your favorite thing about the industry? The people! Everyone coming together to support you it’s never competitive I’ve never felt left out. I love feeling like I finally belong somewhere! 

Your favorite thing about yourself? My spirit no matter how hard things get I don’t give up. In life, in work, in learning to do new things I strive on constructive criticism 
What gets your motor purring? 
A good old fashioned make out!

What is your favorite saying? It isn’t easy being cheesy! 

*2019 Stripper Olympics Pole Division 1st runner up

*2019 Stripper Olympics Best Butt
*2019 Miss Exotic Ohio
*2019 Miss Exotic United States Pole Champion 1st runner up
*2019 Fdnc Showgirl Audience Favorite
*2019 Pdnc Best Transitions
*2019 Fdnc Overall Hottest Ink
*2019 Miss Exotic South Carolina Pole Champion
* 2019 Miss Exotic South Carolina Master Dancer
*2019 Miss Exotic South Carolina 2nd runner up in the Showgirl Division
*2019 Miss Exotic South Carolina most unique pole trick
*2019 Miss Exotic South Carolina most original show
*2019 Miss Exotic South Carolina best music production
*2019 Miss Liberty Pole Dancing Competition 2nd runner up
*2019 Sweet & Inked February Cover Model  

and many more!

fb: Lori Lane 
Instagram: lovelylorilane 
Snapchat: lovelylorilane

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