Ocho Sneak is trying to walk in the footsteps of some of his rap idols, while attempting to hold up the Ft. Lauderdale name along with his contemporaries. And he’s had some pretty famous help along the way, having spent some time in the studio earlier this year with well-known producer and rapper Timbaland. His latest track, “Jumping Out the Jet,” is featured on the new installment of StripJointsMusic (SJ72), a music pool designed for the nation’s strip club DJs.

THE EDPUB: How have you used social media to promote yourself and how advantageous it is to get the word out through social media versus word of mouth?

OCHO SNEAK: I use social media to get my music out and connect with the fans. And also to get that resource and to engage fans and keep them aware of what I’m doing.

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THE EDPUB: Talk about your inspiration for the track “Jumping Out the Jet”?

OS: It’s about living the good life. When something good happens to you, you’re jumping out the jet.

THE EDPUB: How did you find your way into the rap game?

OS: It came from listening to other artists like Kodak Black and a local artist from Broward County, his name is Koly P—when I first heard of them, it made me feel like if they can do it, I can do it, too. That’s why I did my best to get where I’m at right now.

Ocho Sneak with Timbaland (R)

THE EDPUB: Who do you cite as your biggest influences?

OS: Lil Baby, Gunna, Kodak Black, Ski Mask the Slump God. 

THE EDPUB: You claim Ft. Lauderdale as your home town. How does that city and your upbringing factor into your lyrics and what you’re rapping about?

OS: I talk about how I came up, what I’ve seen in my life’s time, what I’ve heard. I talk about my brother a lot, because of where he’s at—locked up.

Stripjoints vol72 animated

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