Krystal Dawn The Pub

I’ve been exotic dancing for 14 years. In 2014 I was introduced to the world of Feature Entertainment. Immediately I knew I wanted to take my dancing to the next level & grow as an entertainer.

Top Credits or Accomplishments:
*7x Best Butt
*2x Miss Petite Nude Galaxy
*2017 Miss Exotic Pole Champion International
*2017 Miss Nude International Pole Champion
*2017 Miss Nude International Performer of the Year
*2016 Miss Exotic United States Best Dancer
*2015 Miss Nude United States Entertainer of the Year

What I Love About The Industry: I love the interaction with all the people that have made the industry what it is. The friendships made within, and the experiences had along the way. The competitions at so many great clubs and venues across the country. The level of positive support shown towards one another is absolutely phenomenal. Its basically like one giant family & the industry events are like family reunions that are actually fun.

How To Book This Entertainer

Centerfold Strips - 877-427-8747 | VISIT SITE

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