Jessica Hart is a feature dancer from Winnipeg, Canada. She has an extensive background in contemporary dance, which led her to the career of exotic entertaining. She has been dancing for almost 10 years, touring Canada, but would like to explore the world, though her entertainment.

What does it mean to be named Miss of the Month?
I am so ecstatic to be the December dancer aka your gift for Christmas!

What I Love About The Industry:
The freedom to express who you are on stage. Being able to travel almost anywhere and make money dancing.
Also, the empowerment and confidence it gave me.

How did you get in the industry?
I was 18 years old and started waitressing at a strip club. I was a dancer and baton twirler as a child so I already enjoyed entertaining and being in the spot light. It came naturally.

Your favorite thing about the industry?
The freedom to be exactly who we are. Being my own boss. Having the opportunity to travel for work.

Have you been to the US? If so, where and what was your first impression of America?
Las Vegas.. and what can you really say other than, it was vegas! Haha Certainly felt alot more wild than Canada!

Are you a Blue Bomber fan? (Winnipeg Jets)
Hockey lover over here! Love the Jets, love going to games and supporting my city. Hockey has good energy up North!
And the Bombers of course, who just brought the Grey Cup home after 29 years !!

What would you say is one of the biggest misconceptions Americans have about Canada or Canadians?
That we have polar bears as pets!! Probably the most asked question by Americans, if we have polar bears in our back yard? Hahaha

What’s your favorite province/territory to visit in Canada?
St. JOHNS Newfoundland. I know, weird eh!
Its a place not many have gone and it certainly doesn’t seem like a common vacation spot, but I find it to be so beautiful and peaceful there.

If you could be a dancer for any movie star, who would you dance for?
Ooooo… thats tough! Um, anyone that wants to watch my body move 😉

Your favorite body part of yourself?
Umm, this is a tough one. I have no favorites, I am happy with everything and proud that it’s all me and nothing changed.

What gets your motor purring?
A sexually dominant man

Best and worst pick-up line:
Is there a “best” pick up line out there? Haha. I have heard so many bad ones tho? I can’t even begin to try to pick one…

Booking Agents: Superb Entertainment

Top Credits or Accomplishments:
*2011 Miss Nude Teasers
2013 Miss Nude Exotic Winnipeg 1st runner
*2014 Miss Nude Entertainer of the Year
*2015 Miss Nude Exotic Winnipeg
2015 Miss Nude Entertainer 2nd Runner
*2016 Miss Nude Entertainer
2016 Miss Nude Exotic Winnipeg 1st runner
2016 Miss Nude Exotic Manitoba 2nd Run
2017 Miss Nude Winnipeg 1st Runner
2018 Miss Nude Manitoba 1st runner up
2018 Miss Nude Winnipeg 2nd runner up
2019 Miss Nude Manitoba 1st Runner up

Twitter: mssjessicahart
Instagram: jessicahart_xo

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