Waitt The Pub


I have a 2018 Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendar on the wall to the right of my computer. Sure, I could look up the date on my computer, but I’m old school and, frankly, it’s just quicker to look over and see in easy-to-read black and white type that it’s Wednesday, April 4.

Last month, March, was great; that month featured Kate Upton. Oh my.

On the wall to the left of my computer I have two framed lithographs of half-naked women. A lithograph is basically a copy of an original painting, photograph or digital artwork, but uses a unique printing process involving a stone table or a metal plate so that the finished product looks almost exactly like the original art. Lithographs are usually numbered and signed by the original artist.

The first lithograph, the one with the tall topless blonde in the stilettos and flowing mane of hair, is by Drew Posada and is numbered 28 of 50. So there are only 50 signed lithographs of this particular painting in the world and I have the 28th one. The second lithograph, the one with the brunette totally nude and holding a pool cure, is also by Drew Posada and is numbered 11 of 100. The lower your number, the more valuable the lithograph.

So that’s three scantily dressed, semi-nude or fully nude women in my office.

Oops, missed one. Next to the door of my office is another lithograph, this one of a black-haired. topless woman in thigh-high black leather boots, holding a whip. It’s by the rather famous artist Hajime Sorayama. The lithograph is signed by Sorayama, but not numbered. Numbered, it would be worth a small fortune.

So that’s four sexy women in my office in some state of undress.

Three of those women, the ones in the lithographs, have been in my office for more than 15 years, seen hundreds of times with no complaints by both male and female staffers at ED publications. And seen by hundreds of visitors to the ED offices, from UPS drivers to industry people to patients thinking we are the dentist office next door, again with no complaints.

Truth be told, I don’t even see the erotic images any more, kind of like how your eyes see your nose every waking minute but they no longer send that message to your brain. I leave the lithographs up because I think the artwork is beautiful. Just like I think women are beautiful.

Still, it makes me wonder. Harvey Weinstein. Matt Lauer. Kevin Spacey. Charlie Rose. Not that I’m in that circle of fame. But I don’t wanted to get painted with that same brush.

Hopefully, I can keep the lithographs up.

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