Hayla Faye vaults into vocation as an entertainer

With almost two decades of experience as a gymnast, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Hayla Faye has sprung into her role as an entertainer with all the ferocity of a vaulter sprinting down the runway. “I learned pole dancing is an art form, a skill to me that resembled gymnastics,” said Faye in a prior interview with ED Magazine. “My muscle memory from gymnastics allowed me to learn very quickly different skills on the pole just from watching the other dancers.” Her past has already resulted in an EDI title (Starlet Division, 2022). ED Magazine caught up with Hayla, Miss ED.com for the month of June, to find out what makes her so adept on the entertainer’s stage.

What I love about this industry is how much I can truly be myself and have the ability to bring so much energy and unique talent to the stage.

Top Credits or Accomplishments:

2022 EDI Starlet Champion, 2019 Showgirl of the Year, 8x Stripper Olympic Medalist, 16 years of gymnastics experience


ED: What does it mean to be named Miss ExoticDancer.com of the Month?
HAYLA: Getting named Miss Exotic Dancer of the Month means I have the opportunity to not only share my story but to inspire others through my own personal experiences.

ED: How did you get into the industry?
HAYLA: I first got into the industry due to a friend wanting to be a dancer, but not wanting to go alone. I told her I would go with her even though I had never even stepped foot in a gentlemen’s club — much less gotten naked in front of a bunch of people! So we went and auditioned at Deja Vu and 2001 Odyssey in Tampa. I was extremely nervous due to the stigma the industry held, and thought I would think lowly of myself as I knew how much people looked down upon it. But, boy, was I sooooo wrong!
Following my first week of dancing, I was shocked to see not just a change in my perspective about the entertainment industry, but a dramatic change in how I viewed myself and my own body!
Having a gymnastics background, we are constantly being judged on how we perform and our ability to be perfect. As a dancer there was no need to be perfect — but just to have fun and be sexy. Needless to say it was the most freeing experience of my life!
After a year of house dancing, I was recruited to start doing competitions. My first contest was the Stripper Olympics at Michael’s Mens Club. This is when I truly fell in love with the art of being onstage. This was my new goal, and my drive and competitive nature led me to a contest at Deja Vu Kalamazoo. The competition was called Showgirl of the Year and actually brought me all the way to Vegas where I took first place and won it all. This was my first big win that opened the door to becoming a feature and is when my journey really began!

ED: Your favorite thing about the industry?
HAYLA: My favorite thing about the industry is being able to perform and meet amazing people along the way.

ED: How invested were you in gymnastics as a youth? (i.e. did you travel, how many hours a week were you putting into it, did you think of doing it as you got older — high school, college, etc.)
HAYLA: When I was in gymnastics, it was my life. My parents put me in it when I was 1 and by the time I was 5 I was recruited to start training completely. I trained for five hours a day, five days a week. I was training for an Olympic or college level of gymnastics. I traveled all over the country for my competitions and I was extremely good at doing them. My final year in gymnastics, I placed first in the state and third in the region for my age and skill level. When I was 15, I was recruited by North Carolina State University to join their team when I graduated. Unfortunately, that summer, I suffered a shoulder injury stemming from a car accident and it was never the same.
I believe everything happens for a reason and college gymnastics was not my path. My gymnastics background was what created the true foundations allowing me to be where I am now. I now have the privilege of being able to travel all around the country, putting on an incredible performance! I fill my audience with pure joy, energy and excitement, creating for them an unforgettable experience! My love for being onstage just makes it that much more amazing!

ED: What gymnastic skill most directly translates to pole dancing/entertaining?
HAYLA: I really believe that pole dancing is its own event. In gymnastics we have four events: uneven bars, vault, balance beam and the floor. I would say pole dancing is most closely related to the uneven bar and floor skills due to it being a horizontal bar and the routines we craft. It’s like gymnastics sideways — and sometimes naked!

ED: How would you compare your entertainer self to yourself off-stage?
HAYLA: I bring a lot of high energy to my stage performance but I can be quite shy off the stage. I really had to push myself when I started dancing due to how shy I was when it came to talking to people. My way of speaking was through my stage sets. I have grown to be more personable, so now even though I have my moments of being quite shy, once I start talking, you really won’t be able to get me to stop.

ED: Your favorite body part of yourself?
HAYLA: My legs.

ED: What gets your motor purring?
HAYLA: Confidence, muscles, honesty, stability, hot baths and a back massage.

ED: What is your favorite saying?
HAYLA: Today is the opportunity to make the tomorrow you want!

ED: What is the funniest thing or embarrassing thing you have seen while on stage?
HAYLA: The most embarrassing thing I’ve seen onstage in a while (but she owned it) was one time one of my friends was onstage. As she was dancing on a customer, one of her tape-in extensions started falling out and fell on the customer’s lap. The customer then held it up and started laughing. As she noticed it had fallen out she took it from him, looked at him laughing and stuck it to his head! He loved it, and so did the crowd!

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