MxNxSTxR “All Of Me”
Not to be confused with the same-titled song by John Legend, “All Of Me” by MxNxStxR is a catchy, techno track that calls for bodies on the dance floor. The song sounds like it belongs in a playlist with “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” by Mike Posner — a head-bobbing anthem. MxNxStxR is a mysterious artist — literally, their identity is unknown to the masses and a Google search yields little in the way of results, but internet sleuths will come out of the woodshed to unveil this mystery because the song will surely pique curiosity. If you needed anything further, the song features Destructo, who is also featured on this volume of StripJoints!

Destructo “F With Me”
Destructo, aka Gary Richards, grew up surrounded by music. His father was a radio man and Destructo carved out a career in the music industry, first as a DJ and then a music exec corralling musical acts for festivals (a la Electric Daisy Carnival). But, he’s never strayed too far from his musicianship, as evidenced by his track “F With Me”, which features Chromeo. “F With Me” starts off with a hypnotizing Auto-Tune opening before segueing into a just-as-entrancing synth chorus that is reminiscent of the likes of Daft Punk. Simply put, this track is the epitome of a feel-good summer vibe fit for all seasons.

Kurt Deimer “Hero”
Kurt Deimer is no stranger to StripJoints reviews, having been profiled before for his track “Have A Cigar” in fall 2021. Deimer is a well-rounded individual who has conquered the business world, acting world and songwriting. It should be no surprise then he turned his sights to music. With “Hero”, Deimer has a hard-hitting, contemporary rock ballad. As mentioned on his website, “When people listen to my music, I want to help them decompress and feel better after a brutal day. That’s what music always did for me.” This song wholly embodies that — consider the lyrics “Anyone’s a hero/coming to save the day, show us a better way.”  If you needed any more feel-good, the song is a tribute to Deimer’s father.

Dark Heart “Get Down Low”
David Thomas, aka Dark Heart, grew up in Indiana but always had his heart set on LA. He made that vision a reality with his start at a talent agency, working in the mailroom. Moving up through the ranks, Thomas went from managing talent to expressing his own. With “Get Down Low”, Dark Heart samples the ageless 1997 wonder “Da’ Dip” by Freak Nasty. But to say this is simply a cover is a gross misunderstanding — with “Get Down Low”, Dark Heart inputs his own signature, EDM-infused tinge. As he said in an interview with ED Magazine, courtesy of, “The song is fun and sexy, simple as that. Trying to explain would be like trying to explain a joke, it just ruins the comedy! I think within a few seconds of pressing play, it will be an obvious choice for clubs everywhere.”

Tiësto & Charli XCX “Hot In It”
Continuing the trend of EDM, Tiësto and Charli XCX team up for “Hot In It”, a sizzling, upbeat banger fit for any selfie-inspired TikTok video. The song is a wonderful reflection of self-empowerment, as evidenced by the lyrics “Tonight, I’m gon’ be rocking it, dropping it/Shake my ass, no stopping it/I look hot in it, hot in it, I look hot in it.” Based on that sample alone, is it any wonder this song would be a boon for any gentlemen’s club DJ? The song masterfully utilizes Charli XCX’s vocals to the backdrop of Tiësto’s DJing prowess.

Chef Sean “Flex Off”
Chef Sean (Sean Christopher) is back in the kitchen having put his finishing touches on another masterpiece with “Flex Off.” This club banger is off Chef Sean’s debut album “My Life.” Another interview subject, courtesy of, he says about the track’s fit on a club playlist “It’s giving the ladies a chance for the spenders to flex off and spend some money. You want them to show out. It’s that kind of song. Show your shit — show off for the ladies. Ladies should enjoy it.” Amen, our compliments to the Chef!

Niel Degas (feat. Scarlett) “Don’t Need You”
American house and Nu disco DJ and producer Niel Degas has been churning out music since the early 2000s. Hailing originally from Maryland, Degas now makes his home at South Florida turntables. For “Don’t Need You”, Degas has teamed up with Scarlett to offer up a staple house track. Scarlett’s vocals sync up admirably with Degas’ musical profile in an upbeat tune promoting independence with lyrics like “I don’t need you anymore/to see you walking out the door/I’m better off without your lies/no more hiding in the skies.”

Leikeli47 “Carry Anne”
It may share the same-sounding title as the 1967 hit by The Hollies “Carrie Anne”, but it’s clear from the onset, this ain’t your grandparents’ “Carry Anne.” Leikeli47’s version comes out the gate swinging: “It’s my pussy/I can do what I want/hm/I’m a big girl now.” The song segues into a catchy/drummed synth beats before changing course — it almost sounds like two different artists, but it’s really a testament to Leikeli47’s versatility. This song is easy to hear at a club blasting and getting people out of their seats and on a dance floor or stage.

DMX “Know What I Am”
DMX passed away more than a year ago, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have posthumous music still coming out. With “Know What I Am,” the deceased New York-based rapper — famous for hits like “X Gon’ Give It to Ya” and “Party Up (Up in Here)” — the acclaimed rapper goes with a gnarlier rock sound that is benefitted by his inimitable gravely voice. The track was produced by British guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite — and Thwaite also contributes vocals. “Know What I Am” is definitely a departure from the DMX of yore, but despite the genre bend, this song is unmistakably DMX. For listeners who thought they would have to stick with DMX’s hits and existing discography — they can rejoice with this number.

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