Las Vegas-based sculptor Carl Young is going on tour. His first stop will be at Bonkers Manitowoc, Wisconsin’s premiere gentlemen’s club on October 11th and 12th.
“He’s an amazing artist who makes sexy, erotic sculptures from impressions he takes of live models,” states Bonkers owner Ken Fees. “He’ll be plastering a couple of our entertainers and turning them into saleable “works of art”. We’re going to be unveiling them when they are finished.”

Who knows which models he will work with but one thing is for sure, it’s going to be one heck of a show! Stop by Oct 1st through the 10th to learn how you can support your favorite entertainer and help her become one of the chosen models.

“We met Carl in Las Vegas last month during the Gentlemen’s Club EXPO at The Hard Rock,” adds Ken. “He was plastering Miss Exotic Nude Universe @Frenchie_Love_ along with our neighbor across the lake in Traverse City, Lady Sirene @LadySirene. There were hundreds of club owners, DJ’s and adult entertainers in attendance. And he calls this work?

In special cases, the models are formed into premium GLASS Sculptures. Carl is the only artist who creates life-sized figurative sculptures in glass. We hope you have time to see this legendary event.

“You can always tell your friends you are going to an art gallery,” says Carl. “That’s what I do.”  

If you are visiting Las Vegas, contact to arrange your opportunity to view his available sculptures or set up your own bespoke casting session.

So … get here early, sit up close, enjoy the show. Not responsible if you get a little plastered, too.

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