Dinah Might’s career as a showgirl entertainer has taken her all over the world — quite literally. From her humble beginnings as a shy entertainer with “two left feet” in Vancouver, BC (Canada), she would quickly come into her own as she moved on to gigs in Finland, Switzerland, England, Scotland and Spain, then to China, and on to Australia, eventually settling in the UK, where appeared in one cabaret show after another. It wasn’t until 2019, however, that she finally made her US debut at the EDI West contest at Bucks Cabaret Dallas, an event which would change the course of her career — and her life.

After attending the 2019 ED Expo in Las Vegas, where she was nominated for ED’s “International Showgirl of the Year” Award, Dinah Might had made her decision: She was moving to the US. Now, with visa in hand, she’s taking bookings at clubs across America, ahead of her next EDI appearance in 2020. ExoticDancer.com had the chance to speak with Dinah Might about her impressive work around the globe, and what US club owners can expect from her now that she’s able to be booked as a US feature entertainer. And don’t miss her personalized Spotify playlist, courtesy of StripJointsMusic.com!

Dinah Might Cat Burglar
Dinah Might Cat Burglar

ED: When and where did you begin your career as an entertainer? Where was the first club where you danced, and what was it like the first few times you went on stage in a club?

DINAH MIGHT: I come from a by-gone era, the golden age of stripping and from the mecca of feature shows – drumroll please – Vancouver, Canada, back in the day. A time when in western Canada every dancer (not just the “feature”) got paid by the club to perform her 18-minute stage show on a Monday-through-Saturday contract then on to the next club, of which there were many. Six months after starting dancing I became Dinah Might the Feature. For the six months prior to that, I was Chastity the rookie, with pale skin, two left feet, nipples on a chalkboard and not a clue what to do.

At the end of these six months, I remember hearing a customer talking about the girl with the hot body and I realized he was talking about me. I then realized all those months of doing 24-plus shows per week had melted off that body fat, my two left feet were straightened out and a new confidence was bursting out of me. Then the boobs got implanted, feature costumes designed and a photoshoot for promo with Vancouver’s top photographer followed. Dinah Might the feature emerged from this awkward rookie and there was no looking back.

“A promoter recently said to me, ‘Your work is such a great blend of sexy, silly, and raunch.’ That sums it up. I am a horny sex machine on stage but I love to throw unexpected surprises and plot twists in my shows so one minute you have a hard-on or wet panties and the next you are laughing.” – Dinah Might

ED: You’re known as an “international” entertainer. You’re originally from Canada, moved to the UK, have performed all over the world and now are based in the US (you have been granted a visa to feature in the US). Tell us about some of your international bookings over the years, and how club owners can book you today.

DINAH MIGHT: I have performed in 12 countries in so many unique venues and at different styles of events. Some of these interesting events/venues include Finland’s largest car show and Finland’s largest Sexpo (a massive rock show style arena and exhibition) and historic theatres all over Europe in Switzerland, England, Scotland and Spain. Having lived in London, I performed at fetish balls, club and cabaret venues and corporate events in grand hotel ballrooms such as the Savoy. Some of my favorite cabaret venues in London were Madame JoJo’s and the Cafe de Paris, both bursting with decadent, old-fashioned decor.

Earlier in my career I had a three-month contract in Japan’s longest-running choreographed striptease revue show, and in China, I spent three summers performing in a show in a casino. I had a two-month feature contract in Adelaide, Australia and loved the perk of being in the sun during the cold months.

The US was the final frontier for me and I was granted my US visa to feature here this past year. I am now based in the USA and I am so excited to bring my shows to a whole new audience. Clubs can book me through your favorite agent: Danny at Centerfold Features, Dave at A-List, Frank at Continental and Thomas and Deborah at Sinsational Features.

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ED: For those who have never seen you perform, what should someone expect from a Dinah Might feature performance? What are some of your favorite themed shows, and what do you think defines you as a performer?

DINAH MIGHT: Pure sex, theatre and comedy. A promoter recently said to me, “Your work is such a great blend of sexy, silly, and raunch.” That sums it up. I am a horny sex machine on stage but I love to throw unexpected surprises and plot twists in my shows so one minute you have a hard-on or wet panties and the next you are laughing. As a performer, I stay true to my own sexy style, and I’m bringing the sex back into the strip.

My most requested shows include Cat Burglar, Tool Girl and French Maid. Cat Burglar won me the Audience Favorite title at the 2019 EDI West. It is a theatrical story of a cat burglar that has broken into the club, then trips the alarm, police sirens ring and I get busted, with a sleight of hand I am now in a jailbird costume which I bust out then get naked with a steamy feather boa strip (which is the normal thing to do when you bust out of jail, of course).

Dinah Might - The French Maid
Dinah Might – The French Maid

ED: You competed at your first EDI in 2019, and attended your first Expo in 2019 as well (where you were nominated for “International Showgirl of the Year”). Please talk about each of these experiences, and how they’ve helped further your career as a showgirl entertainer. What did you enjoy most about the EDI and the Expo?

DINAH MIGHT: The 2019 EDI West was my first-ever feature experience in the US. I had no idea what to expect! I was so impressed by how professionally the event was run, the full transparency of the score sheets and the over-the-top shows all of the girls brought. The EDI put the fire in me to get my ass down to the states as quickly as possible after seeing these high standards. It also gave me even more motivation to keep improving my own style. I like to surround myself with greatness and I wanted to be part of the US feature industry.

The ED Expo blew me away with its professionalism in every aspect, such as the seminars for club owners, the Awards Show in the Criss Angel theater, the tradeshow and all of the events around it. Again, I had no idea what to expect. It bent my mind to be so experienced in this industry but to be 100% brand new to the USA! Being nominated for “International Showgirl of the Year” was an honor and a nomination true to my heart since it represented my career of performing in 12 countries.

ED: What are your favorite types of music to dance to? Conversely, what music do you listen to when you aren’t working a club?

DINAH MIGHT: Dance music (including some from the 80’s or 90’s), rock or house music. When I am not in the club I like old school EDM and rock, but I appreciate all styles of music.

ED: If you could see a concert of any musician or band, living or deceased, who would it be and why?

DINAH MIGHT: Ozzy Osbourne or George Michael. Ozzy because he is such an entertaining character, I love the sound of his voice and his songs. George Michael because I feel the sound of his voice would transport me away. With that said, the Def Leppard concert at the end of Expo last year was my favorite real concert to date. I was flying and felt so euphoric at it!

Dinah Might - The Tool Girl
Dinah Might – The Tool Girl

And here’s more on Dinah Might!

Where do you hail from (born and raised): Vancouver, Canada
How many years have you been dancing: More than most!
Favorite type of music: House music and Rock.
Favorite recording artist: Ozzy Osbourne
Favorite song to dance to:Perfect Strangers” by Deep Purple
Favorite song to listen to: “Believe”
Favorite DJ or industry pro: Bobby Mac was the first MC in the US to announce me and has announced me the most so far in the US. He always makes it sound like he is announcing a rock concert.
Favorite part of your work night: Being told by the audience that they have never seen a show like that before. Inflating my ego is always a fun activity.
Pet working peeve: 1st pet peeve: People shortening my name to “Dinah’. My name is ALWAYS written AND spoken with both words “Dinah Might” (pronounced Dynamite). 2nd pet peeve: People addicted to their phones rather than watching the entertainer. My job is to get them to put their phone down and look up but I wish they should know to put their phones away in the first place.
Advice for new feature dancers: Do not copy others. Be true to your own style and talents. Feature spots are not as plentiful these days so it’s our job to help get bums on seats. Get out there and mingle with the audience and promote the club on social media and to the patrons.

Don’t miss Dinah Might’s personalized Spotify playlist, courtesy of StripJointsMusic.com

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