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She’s the “fuego latina” showgirl who’s new to the world of touring feature entertainers, but judging by her well-choreographed performances you’d think she’s been wowing strip club guests for years. As part of our Spotify series in conjunction with (Concrete Marketing), we’ve asked a few questions to ‘get to know’ Bellzora and the music that makes her tick. And don’t forget to check out her Spotify playlist!

ED Pub: Last year (2017) was your first Expo, and you finished second in the bikini contest and met a lot of club owners. How would you describe your first Expo experience and doing so well in the bikini contest?

Bellzora: My introduction to the Expo was amazing. I felt so welcomed by club owners, features and agents, they were all so kind. I did not expect to be booked in so many major clubs within the first couple of hours of the Expo being open, that was amazing! Coming in second place at the $10,000 Expo Bikini Contest blew me away. There were so many beautiful woman, I was honored and proud to be a top finalist.

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ED Pub: For those who haven’t seen you perform yet, how would you describe yourself as an entertainer?

Bellzora: Fuego Latina, (Latin Flame) would sum up who I am. I’m a mix of latin dance and throwback burlesque, but I also love country, rock and hip hop. I try to add it all in my shows. I love using props; my fans, latin ribbon and fire.

ED Pub: What are your favorite things about being a feature entertainer?

Bellzora: Absolutely, it’s about meeting the customers and staff at each club. I also enjoy reading the crowd and planning my show around their mood. I enjoy all the creativity that goes into featuring, such as designing costumes, making props and working on shows and choreography. It brings me tremendous joy to know that my shows leave something special behind along with knowing that everyone made money and that we all worked together to make my week a success.

ED Pub: What are your favorite “themed” shows that you perform as a feature? How important is your music to the themes of your shows?

Bellzora: My favorite shows are my fire sword act, fan dance, water show, ribbon dance and “cowgirl” show. Music is absolutely crucial to all my themes. The music is what inspires the act.

ED Pub: What do you like to do when you’re on the road as a feature and have some down time?

Bellzora: I love all the different cultures out there and trying all the incredible different foods. Sometimes it’s like a dream to be in these different cities because I’ve only seen some of them through the TV lens.

ED Pub: We want our readers to get to know something about the girl behind the persona. What’s one thing about you that people would be surprised to know? Do you have any “guilty pleasures”?

Bellzora: I love love love to dance, I especially love to dance to country music, I love Broadway shows, I love painting and designing things for my house. I love hanging out with my family and visiting friends. I think people would also be surprised to know that I am an ophthalmic technician. I adore everything about chocolate, and my guilty pleasures are latin soap operas, Mexican candy and junk food. I make sure I hand out Mexican candy at every club I feature at, so make sure you come to see me!

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Where do you hail from:
Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, Now: Tucson, AZ

How many years have you been dancing:
Six years

Favorite recording artist:

Favorite song to dance to:
“While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” Carlos Santana version

Favorite song to listen to:
“Annie’s Song” by John Denver

Favorite club manager:
Tracy at The Trophy Club, South Carollina

Favorite DJ:
Tony at Masters, South Carolina

Favorite part of your work night:
Thanking customers and everyone for making my night a success

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